Monday, April 27, 2009

Empire & Avalon

Just what is Darling doing?

Yesterday was crazy busy around here. At least for City Boy and Darling. City Boy worked on getting Surely's new hitch and brake control rigged up so that she's now ready to pull the SilverLite! And as long as the sun was shining, he figured he'd mow the lawn as well. City Boy and I have different ideas on this lawn mowing thing. We both like riding mowers, but he complains about the divets and uneven cut resulting from my version.

Darling's new charges are home. Avalon, a long legged filly who's got some silver hairs showing through in her new spring coat, is a bit unsure of all the goings on. She's tucked into the center stall with Dude alongside. We noticed that she wasn't much smaller than him, so Darling brought the tape measure out to see just how tall the wall between them was. Avalon's butt is level with the wall, which measured 54"...or 13.2 hands in horse speak.

Avalon is not impressed with her new situation

Empire is much smaller than her 'sibling'. We don't know if they're actually siblings, but they are from the same HMA; Murderer's Creek. I happen to love this HMA as it turns out some very athletic little horses...although little is the biggest issue once looking for adopters. The average adult measures 14 hands, which really limits the amount of potential adopters. But for those folks willing to look past their mutt like heritage and consider them for an athlitic partner, this could just be the horse of their dreams.
Empire is smaller in stature, but will make up for that with ability.

Empire has already shown herself to be a potential cowhorse. Let a dog or cat cross her path and she's latched on and following with keen interest. Avalon's long legs and gray color are well suited to a sport pony career, provided she's got the jumpability most mustangs are born with. Of course, Darling only has them for three months, so we'll have no control over what their futures hold.

Thought I'd share with you a photo of the amber eyed gelding from this weekend's adoption. I've dubbed him Shockwave. (You know I have to name the horses, even if they never come home with me!) This boy was stand offish towards people and crabby with the other geldings in his pen. Being small in stature (14.1, maybe?), he was hard pressed to find a home. Tom tells me someone in Burns was going to take him if he returned to the corrals. I hope so. Had we been able to place Dude, this guy would have come home with me for gentling. I just loved those spooky eyes! Although in this photo they got all nice and soft, didn't they?

My back is on the mend. Funny how drugs can make you feel so good, eh? I'm feeling pretty good this morning. Still smarts in a couple of places and lifting isn't in the near future, but at least I got chores done this morning. And Darling will be happy that she hasn't got to dress me anymore.


froglander said...

That amber-eyed gelding sure was neat looking, I hope he does find a home. I wonder if that grulla gelding with the stripe on his face will find someone? I think he was 3?

Darling's two fillies look like they are settling in nicely :) Can't wait to follow their progress!

Nikki said...

There was several that really caught my attention as very well put together. To bad I have no room and you noticed my parents didn't get me nuttin! I guess you don't have any more pull with them then I do. The grulla geilding was my top pick.

Tracey said...

The three year old left at the end of the day. Darling was trying to sway them towards Dude, but in the end it was the grulla.

No, Nikki...I have no powers there, either, lol!

Jeanette said...

I hope you mend quickly, being hampered by pain is NO FUN!
I love color genetics so seeing your "Shockwave" is interesting. I hope he finds a good home too!

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

it was nice to catch up with your blog (I got DSL today YEA ME!) Your page wouldnt load half the time, its so pretty by the way! I sure hope your back is getting better, I know how it is with back pain, unfortuately I deal with it every day, but nothing like what you prob felt getting thrown like that! My worse nightmare!

Pony Girl said...

Hmmm...I really like the amber-eyed cranky gelding. ;) Imagine him all cleaned-up, wow, his color is quite striking!
Glad the back is on the mend! I am excited to see what Darling does with her new charges, too!!

Saddle Mountain Rider said...

I hope that they all find homes. I like the eye on the buckskin gelding. I think he'll make some one a flashy saddle horse.