Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Story of a Girl and Her Horse

Yesterday was just plain nasty. A driving rain...no, sleet...came down in torrents. It was too cold and miserable, the worst day yet since bringing Steve Holt! home. I went out to say hello and to see if he'd let me catch him without the halter. He was fine. Best he's been. Even let me take the scissors to his scruffy under-jaw. That, however, is as far as it went. I think we both deserved the day off.

This morning I was cruising around you tube and came across a video of a young woman and her horse. One of the related videos told their story. I thought it was so sweet and inspiring that I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!


Linda Reznicek said...

I clicked on the video and it said it's no longer available.

Sorry you had sleet yesterday, but grooming is good time with them, too!

If you lived over here, you could do his first ride in the snow--like Bob is going to do with Rusty today! We have 63".

Tracey said...

That's odd, Linda...it works for me.

Yeah, Bob said I needed to do my first ride in the snow, lol! My snow, however, is hard as a rock and slick. In fact, I fell down carrying water buckets this morning, so I'm thinking riding on it is out of the question :)

gtyyup said...

Worked for me too...I hate tears this early in the day ;~)

Then I had to go watch the horse in action...what beauty...both of them!! Gorgeous! Thanks for posting that.

Connie Peterson said...

What a sweet story! What a wonderful couple!

Shirley said...

Gorgeous horse for a gorgeous girl! I love the picture of Guus reaching his lip through the bars for her kiss.

Stephanie said...

Wonder if she got a bad link somehow - the video worked on my end.

Hey I like your blog - thanks for stopping by mine.

Like that name - Steve Holt!


Linda Reznicek said...

It works for me now! I must have been up too early for it. :) Nice story!