Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Look, Ma! No Hands!

The snow continues to pile up here, and with no end in sight. The horses don't appear to mind, and nothing is getting in Darling's way when it comes to climbing on the back of Sandy and plowing through the dreadful white stuff.

After today's ride she came inside and began working at her computer. Seems she set her camera on the rail of the round pen and captured some footage of herself riding.

"Come see, Mom," she said. I walked over and watched over her shoulder. There was my kid, jogging circles in the snow atop my shaggy cayuse...arms stretched out like a four year old playing airplane!

"I figured now was a good time to practice riding with no hands because if I fall, it's a soft landing!"


Like Darling, I, too, brought the camera out with me this morning in hopes of capturing a bit of Steve Holt!'s workout for you. I set it up on the rail of the paddock and set up a new obstacle for us to try. Went out to the round pen for our usual trot, led around the field a bit (avoiding the bridge because with all the snow we really couldn't see it) and back into his paddock.

I then came inside and was happy to see that I'd gotten some good footage. Too bad I'm clueless when it comes to putting it up on the blog, eh? Darling tells me she'll have it done for tomorrow's post, however, so if you want to see what we accomplished today, you'd best come back tomorrow!


froglander said...

Of course we'll be back! I love to watch SH!'s progress :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh, video, how cool........and a kid who can get it from the camera to the computer for you. That's even more cool!

If it's not on a disk, I can't get it to the computer, so my video camera is out.....I have to rely on others if I want something to post.

Enough whining about that, I'd much rather whine about this weather. I can't believe there's so much snow you're not sure where your bridge is.....but then all I have to do is look outside and I can hardly see the railroad ties I have out there.........this really sucks.

I'm glad you're still getting some hands on time with this new guy...but geez........this is not good......and they're saying it could stay this way until the first of the year.

Darling said...

All of you lovely people who read mother dearest's blog and enjoy the occasional video of her wonderful daughter Darling which she "forgot" to post ought to go here:
Don't you just adore all of the awesome things I do for my mother and her blog?

Tracey said...

Darling, you're a kick, lol. Don't worry, I'll get your airplane ride video up today!

Stephanie said...

Oh gosh, well I guess if it makes her happy, lol!

gtyyup said...

Darling your video is priceless!! Loved the ending footage...very nicely done!

CTG Ponies said...

Great video! My daughter is 12 and she routinely drops her reins when she does ring work on our Mexican Mustang gelding. They make a great team. We both ride bareback all the time, especially in the winter. We don't have any snow yet - just ice.

Cave BlackFyre said...

OH Last winter when I could still Ride Dancer we had some good snow and I did some bareback (well OK she had her turn out blanket on, lol) practice since I figured a snowy cushion would at least start the icing process if I came off, LOLOL... fortunately I never had to test that theory.

Looking forward to seeing some video of SH! :-)

SkyBar Farm said...

Great progress Tracey! Steve Holt! is coming along very nice. He is just too cute.