Tuesday, December 16, 2008

PlaceThis Here

Before we get into todays progress with Steve Holt!, I'd like to take just a moment of your time to introduce you to a couple of young men named Kyle and Nicolas.

Kyle was diagnosed last summer with an inoperable brain tumor. He was just seven years old. Kyle, his brother Nicolas, and their family have been through quite the journey this past year. To the left is a button that will take you to Kyle's blog, and from his blog another link to his mother's blog. I'd strongly encourage you to visit.

A cool thing is happening up here right now for Kyle and Nicolas; people are taking an extra moment of their time and sending them a Christmas card. It doesn't matter if it's a corporate card, a post card, or something you've created by hand. The boys are just excited to see the different cards come in that show support.

Since I'm not one to list somebody's address publicly on a blog, if you'd like to join with others and send a card, just email me and I'll get you Kyle's address. Don't know my email? It's there, to the left, just a couple inches down from Kyle's button.

Now...on with the show!

This morning dawned far too cold...again! I've been giving the horses and sheep additional hay so that they've always got something to munch on in an effort to help them stay warm. This leads to full bellies and a lack of energy, which is a very good thing for me.

Jet, Sandy and Dude were out in the field when I went to work with Steve Holt! this morning. I looked at them out there, all swollen and fat and sleepy, and decided to lead Steve Holt! out to the round pen without first capturing everyone else. They were on the other side of the pen, after all, and Steve Holt! was also had a belly full of hay, so it should go smoothly...right?

Right. It did, with the exception of one little bobble. Steve Holt! questioned my judgment concerning entering the round pen. He stopped and looked at me. I stopped, too, and explained we needed to come inside. So he did. I pulled his blanket off and let him trot a few circles before trying to put it back on. My fingers were getting cold, and he wasn't cooperating, so I ended up putting him back into his paddock without his winter jammies.

A couple hours later I ventured back out and was happy to feel a warmth in the air that's been missing the past few days. Made our second training session a bit more enjoyable. Again Steve Holt! questioned whether he should enter the round pen, and this time I stepped back out and along side of him, which got him moving rapidly inside.

As I'd walked towards the round pen I picked up one of those big blue drums that he's always wanting to stop and visit. He didn't mind me packing it alongside him, and he rather enjoyed walking up to it, bumping into it and making it roll around the pen. I had him lunge a few circles, and we worked on moving from a trot to a 'Whoa!' and a quick turn in the other direction. This is the sort of thing Steve Holt! is needing right now. He's smart, and we're not getting a whole lot done on this frozen turf. For today it was just enough to get his mind sharp, and I tossed not only the felt pad that's been hanging on the round pen rail onto his back, but the old saddle as well.


Stephanie said...

What?! You got the saddle on successfully?! Not that I am questioning your abilities, yay, you're doing awesome!!! That's great that you're getting so much accomplished with this guy, he sounds like an awesome gelding.

Stephanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
froglander said...

Looks like you had a successful session this afternoon, even if I did show up and you ended up cutting it short. But it was starting to cool off anyway, right? Heh. Thanks again for the hot cocoa!

Cave BlackFyre said...

LOLOL You sneak... You got that saddle on his back, way to go! LOL

Tracey said...

Hey...who deleted their comment? What did they say? Were they not nice? Tsk Tsk...Santa may have seen it :)

Steph, I had it on Sandy day 8, which is funny when you think about how nervous he was.

Frog, you didn't cut us short. I was done, just leading him over to see what he thought of the bridge. I suspect we'll attempt a crossing tomorrow.

Thanks, CBF. It didn't come easy, he made me work for it! And I pulled it off straight away, too, lol! We'll see what transpires tomorrow...

Judy and Bob said...

Ok, this is going way too well. At this rate we won't have any good footage for our new show!
LOL That said, keep up the great work and keep those fingers warm.

Shirley said...

No picture with the saddle on? Maybe next time? I use cheap polar fleece gloves that are double layered,at work outside all day and for riding. They work great!

gtyyup said...

Hey! Good goin' Tracey! Looking forward to some pics on the saddling!

Stay warm.