Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let it...snow?

(click the link to find out...)

Nope. Please don't.

The weather reports are calling for inclement weather all across the greater northwest. Here in my little corner it was to be high winds, snow and freezing rain.

But what about my Hags on Stangs horse show???

City Boy was adamant that I could not host a show in such foul weather. Since the over zealous Craigslist flaggers had been pulling my ad for the down this week, I decided that perhaps I ought to put up a cancellation notice. I didn't believe for a minute that we'd have snow, but...j

Wait..what is that? Ah heck...slushy wet rain with ice balls and snow. Bleh.

But it was only momentary. 30 minutes, and then nothing. The hill was white, but the ground here? Wet and muddy. But the cancellation had been posted.

So now here I am, no snow, no ice, no winds. I have access to an arena and I don't know if anyone is going to show up or not. What if they didn't see the cancellation? I've canceled one show already after the flooding last month. I feel horrible. The weather was just poor enough yesterday for me not to go fetch my prizes from the donors, but I do have my little ribbons made and plenty of candy canes to hand out. Perhaps the local feed store in Lynden will donate a couple bags of grain? They should be open before the start of my canceled show.

I think I'm going to haul on up and see what I can salvage. Could be some folks will be willing to just toss some coins into the donation pot in exchange for being able to ride a bit.

With the weather as poor as it was yesterday, I elected to give Steve Holt! the day off. I hauled Sandy up to the riding club and took advantage of the covered arena in the morning, and in the afternoon I had a reporter come for an interview on the Mustang Makeover. I'm sure Steve Holt! appreciated it.


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Cave BlackFyre said...

Well Tracey,

We tried... It was cold as all get out this morning and the winds are definately howling away in my part of Whatcom County... But at least Sandy had a nice ride at the fairgrounds, even if the rest of the horse people in the area are more sane then you or I, LOLOLOL....

At least you still haven't had snow, but I sure wish we would have it, lolol.

Tracey said... it not snowing there, Karyn? It is here! Teensy little flakes, nearly invisible. I could smell them coming (I can always smell snow coming...the stench of it!) Just the wee little bit of dust sits atop the hood of my little black pick up. Took an hour to accumulate :)

City Boy said...

See I was right all along about the snow. My timing was just a little off. Oh sorry I forgot rule number one, "The wife is ALWAYS right".