Saturday, December 27, 2008

Steve Holt!

That's right, throw your fists in the air and shout it like you just don't care...


We hit 50 followers today. Okay, Darling tells me it doesn't count because it was City Boy who finally filled up that last vacancy...but if we eliminate him, then we also eliminate her, and that actually puts me two people shy of my goal. What's a Desperate Horsewife to do? I tell you what she does...she counts those two and gives you better odds of winning, that's what! I'll draw a name and announce it tomorrow, so y'all better come back to see who won.

The snow is finally beginning to melt, thanks to above freezing temps the past 24 hours. You'd think that would make life easier, wouldn't you? But it doesn't. Not for a few more days at least. When this compact snow gets wet, you see, it packs down hard and becomes a layer of ice. So despite the fact that I've got icicles dripping off my roof, the footing beneath us is slicker than snot on a door knob. (Don't ask how I know...)

And because of that, Steve Holt! and I took it pretty easy today. I went out and saddled him up. I then led him out to the round pen where he wasn't too sure he wanted to do much. Can't blame him. Neither one of us are much into the Hans Brinker thing, and we don't own any silver skates.

Despite the lack of time over the past few days due to Christmas, I have been messing with his face, and as of yesterday was able to get up and around his ears. Given that, I pulled out a bridle and slipped the snaffle into his mouth. He objected. I won.

Today with things super slick, I didn't feel like the usual warm up routine of lunging and running my surveyor tape lunge whip over his head. I went straight for the kill. He objected. I won. Again.

Once he was bridled I led him straight back to his stall where the bridle and saddle both came off. Our time today was very short and very sweet.

With a little extra time I came inside and played with a few photos. I loved this shot of Steve Holt!'s face what with all that forelock and expressive eyes, but it's a bit out of focus.

Quick fix with Adobe was to hit the auto levels to give it a bit more depth and vibrant color, put an easy border around it and then use the craquelure filter. Makes it look like it was painted on a brick wall or something, doesn't it? But you can't tell it was out of focus like you could in the original.


gtyyup said...

That is a cute pic of SH! What photo program do you use? I'm kind of in the market and starting to research.

Tracey said...

I'm using Adobe Photoshop 7. I'm clueless as to all it can do...but muddle my way through just enough to get by :)