Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's ART, I tell ya!

Photos taken in the dark...

I've been rather negligent over the past year (or two) when it comes to posting awards that have been given to me. My side bars are so full that I wasn't sure where to place them. It wasn't that I didn't appreciate them, though, because I did...and do.

I was out and about recently and came across Laughing Orca's blog, and that's when I saw the most amazing thing...she had a separate blog for awards! WOW... And then I realized that Shannon at Oh, Horsefeathers had done the same thing!

Why have you people been hiding this from me? What an awesome concept...where have I had my head that I've not realized what's been going down in the blogging world?

So this morning I went straight to work and created myself an awards page. Unfortunately, I don't recall which awards I've received in the past, but I do have two that came across recently, thanks to Shirley at Ride a Good Horse (the butterfly award), and Shannon at Oh, Horsefeathers (Superior Scribbler Award)! Thank you, ladies, for thinking of me.

I'd like to pass these along to two young ladies who are quite deserving.

First, the butterfly to Kristi/Froglander at Mustang Dressage. Kristi is new to the blog game, but she's pretty cool. Mostly because she immediately started a blog at my request while we were in Burns. In fact, we were sitting in the hotel room when she forwarded her new blog to me. Coolness.

As for the superior scribbler...well, there's only one scribbler in my life. The trouble is determining which blog of her's to award? The Shoe, the Whole Shoe, and Nothing But The Shoe? Certainly a cleverly scribbled title...

No, I think I shall send this one to Phiber Photos, where Darling, also known as Macaroni Manatee, posts her lovely photography, despite the fact that her photos are far too lovely to be scribbled.

Now, don't forget folks, sign up as a follower and as soon as that number hits 50, I'll hold a drawing for an 8x10 photo!


froglander said...

Wow, thanks Tracey :)

Maybe, for Christmas, the snow will all evaporate so that there won't be any mud or floods....

Kathy C said...

I like the art! But that's just me... an art lover. Have a blessed Christmas!

Nikki said...

Tracey, it's snowing here, how about there? Are you ready for round 29? This is just nuts! Have a wonderfully blessed Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year !

All my love
and best wishes
send you