Monday, February 1, 2010

This Week: Portraits

Our assignment in class this week is portraits...but not necessarily the formal type. People in their natural habitat works, too. I struggled again with my settings, overexposing my fair share...but I think Darling looks rather good as a ghost, wouldn't you say?


I had snapped a dozen or so shots before Darling announced she was a bit chilly and would like a coat. That's when I finally looked at the photos taken and said with dismay..."Um, no, you can't. I need to take more so you actually show up."

Thankfully Darling is a good sport. Or maybe it's simply that she likes to play the role of super model? But she hung out for a few more snaps of the shutter before scurrying off to grab a jacket.


It would have been good if she's been able to hold out for just a few more!


Once in her jacket, Darling was ready for more adventures. Gotta love a kid who's not afraid to strut through town with her boots & spurs on!




Shirley said...

Darling makes a super model, and she's a cutey too!

CTG Ponies said...

Darling's a good sport and a definite cutie. My daughter loves to strut around with her boots and spurs on. She kind of likes the way the spurs sound.

Pony Girl said...

FUN! I'm glad she's game, she makes a darling model! ;) I wish I could wear spurs and boots around town, I would probably get some odd looks around here, LOL!

Dusty Devoe said...

Darling is such a cutie! Great pictures.