Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm seeing Spots!


Love this colt. Nice and big...and an eye catching face!

Photobucket with a curly mane.


Couple more spotted colts; can we say cute?


froglander said...

Oh wow, love that first colt! His face looks cool. Too bad it takes so long for them to grow up, that and I live in an apartment, I don't think he'll fit on my back porch :(

Linda said...

Wow, they're cute and they also have a lot of bone and muscle--these are some big boys!! They look AWESOME!! Are they getting bids??

Greener Pastures said...

I like the coloring of the colt in the last picture -- he has a huge heart across his hip.

What is their stress level at this point?

PaintCrazy said...

Oh you HAVE to stop posting these colored ponies!!! I'm such a sucker for painted ponies...that first one stole my heart big time but I love the others too. Linda is right - they look big with good muscle for this time of year. I'd expect them to be thinner...