Friday, February 19, 2010

Something for everyone

Seriously...there is no way you could come to the corrals and say, "I just can't find the right (color, size, shape, age...)" because they're all here! Young and old, black, white, black and white, brown eyes, blue eyes, brown and blue eyes. Dr. Suess would go crazy here!


Probably my favorite, this four year old had
one blue and one brown eye.


What color would you call him?


This group ran the fenceline nearly all day long.

Tomorrow is the adoption event. Debbie & I will be handing out more free grain to folks, courtesy of Equiscience, then after the adoption is over we'll be heading up to the Steens to see if we can spot any horses. Hope y'all are behaving yourselves out there!


froglander said...

That top photo sure is pretty. Prego mare? (the belly) or just plenty to eat?

So much color, how could a person choose? (I've always been fond of bald faced, belly spot, white socked painted ponies)

And I see a medicine hat colored one in the middle of that bottom pic. Instead of just a hat, almost looks like he has a bonnet the way the brown comes down his throatlatch.

So many ponies, how do we get them all adopted?

Linda said...

I don't know what your boy is--how will he shed out--sorrel with flaxen mane and tail? I'd almost say palomino--but he's kind of red. GORGEOUS!!!! LOVE 'EM. If they don't get adopted out people are NUTS!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! These are beautiful horses. I hope they all got adopted to really good homes. :)

Pony Girl said...

SO colorful! They are beautiful! Paint Girl hasn't seen this post but I bet she's drooling, LOL! ;)

Shirley said...

Dunalino! He is a pretty one.

Tina said...

My guess would be bay with the silver dapple gene, which only takes out the black, so leaves the red body coat alone and makes the legs, mane and tail a pretty light silvery grey colour. Can't see his legs for mud to be sure, but that is my guess, anyway. :)