Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gray Mare heads to the trainer


When Darling & I first spotted her, we knew she was special. At age 9, she had just a few months left to go before being part of the sale authority program. I spoke with fellow board members at Mustang U and it was agreed that we should purchase the gray mare, which would prevent her being shipped to long term holding.

We looked for folks to sponsor her feed and care, and the arrangements were made. Then one day Ramona from the BLM came up with a plan. Why not send the mare to a trainer through the TIP program? We could still market her and the sponsors could still cover her feed costs, but it would lighten my own personal load just a bit.

Well, you know anything that lightens my load simply means I need to find something else to do to take it's place! But, hey...that meant one more horse in a home, so let's send that gray mare off so I can take on something else, okay?


The beautiful gray mare will be heading down to Matthew Wilson of Silver Lake, Oregon, in the near future. Matthew is a trainer who will be competing at the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo in Albany, Oregon next month. He's very excited to be helping Mustang U...and we're extremely happy to have the help! Should anyone be interested in this lovely girl...well, you know how to reach me!


jane augenstein said...

Tracey, what a pretty girl she is I hope she finds a loving home.
Hey, I have a give away on my blog you'd better check out! :-)

nikki said...

Does the trainer have a website? That gray mare is beautiful, I'm sure it wont be long until she finds a new home.

Tracey said...

No website at this time, Nikki. He is on facebook, however :)

Linda said...

She's beautiful--I love the first shot of her especially. Hopefully you can post some pictures as she progresses.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful horse, is she yours?

photogchic said...

Exciting...I have someone to cheer for!