Wednesday, January 2, 2008


We actually had a couple days without rain, which I'm giving thanks for. The paddocks, despite scraping the mud and clay out, then adding gravel, are still struggling with water and drainage issues. City Boy went out this afternoon to put up salt licks and bridle hangers and saw how bad it was for the first time. He said decidedly that we'd have to put in drain tiles this summer. I definitely agree! Mud management seems to be an ongoing issue when ever you've got horses, but in the northwest it's a real challenge.

Since it wasn't pouring down rain, I went out and played for a few minutes with Firecracker. She's comfortable with me walking in and out of her stall, and sometimes doesn't even bother to move her butt over to make room for me. It alway need to pause and make sure she knows I'm there, but usually she's just got her head buried in her hay and knows that I'm carrying grain, meaning nothing to get worked up over. She'll lift her head and cock an ear just enough to let me know she's aware of me, and continues munching as I carry in her extra goodies.

I can get up close enough to rub for a moment or two on her back, just behind her withers, before she'll move out of reach most days. I pulled out the lariat, though, to see if I could convince her to allow me to get closer or stay longer. Once it was laying over the top of her neck, she stopped moving out of the way and stood still. It was as though she still had the halter on, as I could rub from about the halfway point on her neck, under her belly and over her hips without her exhibiting any sign of fear or flight.

Still, getting close enough to look at her wound isn't happening. With a chunk of mane falling over the top of it, and her not allowing me to move it to the other side, I'm unable to see how it's healing. The good news is that I can't smell it anymore. I'm hoping we don't end up with any scaring or super sensitivity up there or it'll be a real bear getting her to wear a headstall. I'm going to go shopping for one tomorrow; something without an ear piece or browband so it won't have any added pressure points near her ears. Tomorrow is Darling's 14th birthday, so I'll give it to her as a gift. Maybe make a little sheep skin cover for it, too.

Visit the store at Cafe Press!


photogchic said...

The guys over at Mustangs n Cowboys did some Mustang Belle stuff thought you might enjoy. Tell Darling "Happy Birthday" from Maddy and me.

Rising Rainbow said...

I think it's a good sign you can't smell that wound anymore. Too bad she won't let you tend to it, particularly with it's sensitive location.

Tracey said...

Yesterday the mane was flipped to the other side, giving me a better view. I'm a bit concerned that she's got some ingrown mane issues with it at this point. The long, winter hair also creates a bit of a visual barrier...I can't tell if I'm seeing scaring or just dirty hair. It's bumpy...and of course I didn't have my camera, although I'm not sure she'd have tolerated me taking pictures.

Pony Tail Club said...

Just saw the Cafe Press store--lots of cute stuff. I especially love the sheep!