Monday, January 21, 2008

Silly Girl...

She's pretty, and there are those who would say just a bit flighty and perhaps a bit of a ditz. Darling has been looking for blond roots. Jet climbed out of the trailer with that inquisitive, curious attitude that eight months later is still going strong. She's loving this cold weather and flies back and forth each afternoon.

Things are frozen rather solid around here at the moment as the temps have dropped down into the low 20's. Rather than take a nice long drink from her water tub, which has a heater in it to keep it thawed, she's opted for breaking up the puddles of ice out in the field, picking up big hunks of it in her teeth and chewing it up. It was too cold outside for me to shed my gloves and touch her water to see how warm it may be. I'd read not long ago about keeping water on the luke warm side so that your horses would be encouraged to drink in this cold, dry weather. Obviously, Jet hasn't read the same websites that I have. Since no steam is rising from it, there's little chance it's too warm. I think she just needs to keep those lips of her's busy.

Firecracker had another good day. She was quicker to accept what was going on. Not completely willing, but much better than yesterday. I had the rope fashioned into a halter on her nose three times. Darling came out and snapped this pic of the two of us. You can see the ring on the end of the rope, and how I've pulled a portion through to make the bottom loop that goes onto her nose.

The only problem with it is that it slips downward and does tend to fall off if she shakes her head too much. And I assure you, shake it she does! She'd prefer it not be there, but at least it's becoming part of her daily routine. We're supposed to have a few more days of dry weather, so by the end of the week we ought to be doing quite well (God willing!)


Rising Rainbow said...

So Firecracker likes to eat ice, somehow that just seems to fit. LOL She not's having "none of that primpy kept horse stuff, she's a wild thing!" LOL

I love the picture at the top. She looks pretty happy!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm confused now. I looked for your post that detailed you going to pick Firecracker up at Midwest Mustang place. I just assumed you were entered. Are you?

Well done for all the adoption work you do though. I have more questions for you about that but I don't want to ask ones that I could read the answers for myself on here.

Tracey said...

Scary, no...Firecracker came from the Kiger adoption in Oregon. Just so happens I keep adopting horses at the same time as these makeovers, so I've always got news of both of them up at the same time. Sorry for the confusion :)

Ask questions! Don't know that I'll have all the answers, but I'll give it a shot.

Mikaela, it's Jet who's the ice eater (see? another confusing post on my part now that I re-read it, lol!) But I think FC probably does, too, as the ice bucket (formerly water) seems to get lower and lower as well. Silly mustangs.

Glad you like the top photo. That's Jet doing her thing while I'm trying to keep Firecracker quiet and patient for the haltering process; no wonder it's taking so long, eh?

Paul said...

In that lower photo you look so much like my cousin it's eerie. She lived in western Kansas most of her life. On a wheat farm. She recently passed away.

It really is an amazing look alike. In your other photos, there's not the same look.