Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Black Horse in Snow Storm

"Black Horse in Snow Storm"

Bet you wish you had such talent behind a camera lens, eh? It was getting dark and I wanted to see if I could get any decent shots of the horses with snow on their backs. Jet, of course, had to fog up the lens. She's so helpful.

School has been canceled today. It's not that we've got loads of snow, but it's the ice and sleet that are causing problems. I took Darling's camera out to take some videos, ran the batteries down to nothing and can't find new ones. Which means that until new batteries are in, you'll not get to see the video. I'm sure you're heart broken!

With the ground as slick as it is out there, I didn't feel comfortable working FC with the rake or mustang eating sock or anything that may send her flying into a panic. No point in her crashing to the ground and taking her with me on this footing. Instead, we concentrated on the face. She's got a lovely break at the poll, and she's learning to drop her head. We're working on lateral flexation. Still a bit unsure about my hands on her face, but we got to that point yesterday before I walked away.

City Boy and I have been debating where to put up the round pen. I say out in the pasture, he wants to clear a spot behind the house. Behind the house may be a better location, but I've no idea when it'll be clear enough and footing solid enough. At least in the pasture, we can put it up now and start using it. Then once the space behind the house is ready (later this summer?), we can move it. Trouble with the pasture, though, is once it's up we may never get around to moving it, and I'd hate to work up the ground and lose that bit of grass.

Oh...a couple of the snow pics did turn out :)


Steph said...

These photos are beautiful!! I just found your site and am looking forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, I like those photos. Good eye!