Friday, January 4, 2008

Internet Adoption

Weanlings at Burns; the duns are included in the Internet Adoption

The BLM Internet Adoption will begin on January 16. Right now, the horses available are listed online for your viewing pleasure and consideration.

Among the horses available is a sweet little Kiger filly who you'd swear is Firecracker's daughter. Same color, same facial expression, just not quite the right age. At least, I think not. Firecracker would have been about 8 months pregnant when she aborted, so this filly wouldn't be quite old enough to be hers. I think I'd be in trouble if she were, as I may be tempted to adopt her!

Another very striking individual who happens to have stolen my heart is this beautiful Kiger stallion. He's six years old and hasn't a speck of white. Darling captured this head shot while we were down there in November.

There are some pretty cute horses available, so go check them out! Once you ride a 'Stang, you'll never go back to domestic!


photogchic said...

Dang it...I shouldn't have looked. I love the gelding #8360. Wow! Gorgeous.

Tracey said...

Did I mention free delivery within 400 miles? I think I see a mustang in your future, lol!

8360 has the neatest face, hasn't he?

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh, tracey, you better be careful, you'll end up with another horse or two. But then you'be been doing a good job of getting them sold, maybe you have room.

Jen said...

wow you have many blogs lol. I really like this one! My husband and I have a BLM mustang coming ot us in March for training. We are both excited as he has never worked with a mustang before.
Your photography of these horses is absolutely breathtaking. I will be checking in regularly :0)

Tracey said...

MiKael, I know...if I had money there'd be mustangs coming out my ears here, lol! As for selling, well...Sunny was a BLM transfer, so just $25. Aladin I gave away as he just needed out of his last home and into one that would feed him. A couple of week layover here was a small price to pay to get him somewhere that would turn him into a nice horse.

Jen, thanks for stopping in here! I'm excited for you to get a BLM horse in for training; they're wonderful! Looking forward to hearing of your experiences.