Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Are your daylight hours increasing? I know I can sure feel a difference in my energy level this week! I'm so happy to be able to actually see what I'm doing out there at 4:30 in the afternoon. I feel like I'm crawling out of my winter funk and have a new outlook on life. Seems to happen about this time each year. Not a full blown winter depression, but certainly I tend to want to hibernate. But now...spring is coming! I can feel it, despite the snow and ice.

I talked my friend Curt into giving me lessons. He doesn't really have any lesson horses down there, said he only had a couple of young ones. I laughed. Couldn't be any wilder than what I've got at home, right? He had to admit that was true. It's been a number of years since I've shown competitively, and if I get into the makeover I want to be able to give my horse every opportunity to succeed, so lessons to get me back into shape are a must.

I used to lesson with Curt's wife, but as she's retired he's filled up the arena time with his cutting and reined cow horse lessons. I need to give him a call to see when we can arrange a time for me to come down. I'm excited! Think he'll let me chase that bull?

My friend Nancy has said I can use her trailer, so once this snow and ice get cleared up, I'll head over to make sure my truck likes her trailer. Lighting and brakes, you know. The first goal will be to get Jet in and out of it a few times, then head down to the trail for some rides. My neighbor has been wanting to ride. We'll see if she meant in the winter, eh?

Do you believe things come in threes? The neighbor's have a covered arena. They said I could haul down and ride whenever I wanted. Yipee! Not only can I get the horses out on the trails, I'll be able to have some close by arena time in between lessons with Curt.

These are three huge areas of relief for me, not only because they're necessities if I get into the competition, but they'll go a long way in getting both Jet and FC moving forward in their training.

Speaking of FC, I've been reading up on poll trauma. Seems it takes some horses a long time to overcome the fear/sensitivity issues. She did well today, however, in letting me rub both sides of her face on the cheeks. Started out a bit dicey, but when I went out a second time today, she stood for it really well. With the snow rapidly melting right now, I'll be able to move forward once more and step up the sacking out process.


Rising Rainbow said...

Chasing that bull, huh? You have a wild streak, girl! I have to confess I really would like to ride a reiner but I'm not sure about chasing cows. lol

I've heard that too about pole issues. Hopefully, FC will come through this quickly.

Christy said...

I totally believe they come in 3's! Glad things are working out!

Anonymous said...

I like big butts and I cannot lie....

I was looking at that horse.

As for the threes, I usually sit around waiting for a third, and then it comes, closely followed by a fourth. I get very confused, because things definitely come in threes.

Tracey said...

Scary, that just means two more are coming,lol!