Thursday, January 31, 2008

She Wiggled Her Lip!

She wiggled her lip!

Shout it from the roof tops of every barn in the nation! Firecracker wiggled her lip!

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No secrets told here; Firecracker is tight lipped!
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Okay, you may not understand just how big a deal this is. Aside from the issue with her poll, Firecracker gets all tight whenever I'm out there and she's asked to do something. She's like a kid who purses their lips when the teacher hands out tests. In fact, she was so tight, and that top lip of hers was pushed down so far that for a good long time I wondered if she were parrot mouthed. But a few photos when she was relaxed showed that wasn't the case.

Today, despite the fact that the red rope halter was obviously going to eat her, she managed to relax and wiggle that lip!

With the snow melting away, I decided I would really push for some improvement today. I want to get this halter onto FC's head. She has other ideas. While on her left side, she tries to push me out of the way with her shoulder. When on the right, she flies backwards to avoid me. I swear I was so dizzy at one point as she was circling me, I thought I was at Disneyland.

The long rope can be slipped over her nose with little trouble at this point. But change what's in my hands to a red halter and she's convinced it's going to eat her face. I told her flat out, however, that we were going to at least get the noseband over those nostrils before I left, and indeed we did.

Which is when she wiggled her lip. She smelled the halter, and actually almost wrapped her lip around it! This was the first time she'd relaxed enough to be mildly inquisitive about something, and I was thrilled. Even while avoiding the halter, she was coming back to me today and looking for reassurance by smelling my face and letting me blow in her nose or kiss her muzzle. She's not an affectionate horse, so I took this as a great sign of trust...finally!

We'll get that red halter on yet...and she'll look so smashing! Then it'll be on to the saddle blanket....


Jessie said...

OH yes, I remember the day I went from my rope to my halter! Remington had his reservations as well, but he figured out quickly that it was almost the same thing! It will be standard procedure for FC in no time!

Tracey said...

Let's hope so, lol! She's definitely the hottest of the mustangs I've had here. Sunny was just shaking in her boots scared; FC's not that bad, but she's got energy to burn. Once she decides it's not worth the effort, she tends to come around. Just darned unfortunate about that head!

Christy said...

Hip Hip hooray!

Tracey said...

Don't you mean Lip Lip Hooray??? =)

Pony Tail Club said...

YAY! (and I like the puzzle picture.)

Rising Rainbow said...

Congrats on the lip. That's pretty darn cool. You'll have that halter on her in no time.

It's amazing to me how different horses can be in their personality (even when they're related). I think I've heard the old cowboys say there are five distinctive types. Sounds reasonable to me and oh how I would like to understand those types as well as those old cowboys. LOL

GardenGoose said...

wanted to invite you over to join the fun drawing over on my blog. I hope you'll join in.