Saturday, January 26, 2008

the Worst Virus EVER!

I wasn't terribly thrilled to get tagged over at Carpenter Creek. I'd thought we were done with that pesky virus known as a game of Seven Things tag...but noooooo.... I, however, always the good sport (mostly-sometimes, at least), played along and dutifully listed seven dull drum, super boring facts that I'm not sure if I'd listed in the last seven games of tag or not. And then I passed the of tag on to seven more unsuspecting souls.

How unfortunate is it that one of those was so vindictive that she actually tagged me back on this blog! So don't blame me if you find yourself stuck reading, again, a list of seven unimportant facts. And don't blame me if I happen to tag you and send the Seven Things your way in the end.

BLAME MUDRANCH! In fact, I may even go so far as to instruct you to tag her as the first person on your list of seven. Yeah...that'll teach her to mess with the Desperate Horsewife, won't it???

Boring, drab, moth-eaten facts that you never wanted to know:

1) Never get even when you can get ahead. This is what my father taught me, and what you should be aware of when you tag me back :)

2) I broke a finger by having a lead rope wrapped around my hand when I was 17. My filly reached out to sniff a lawn chair, and the rope near her halter caught on it and lifted the chair, which sent the filly into a bolt and pulled the end of the rope tight around my hand, breaking a knuckle. I had to have surgery. I knew better then, and I swear it's never happened since.

3) I fell off my horse, Tuffy (yes, the same chap who stepped on my toe) when I was 16 and landed on my head. I don't recall the walk home to this day. No one wore helmets back then; I'm now a helmet advocate.

4) I'm tired of this game of tag. knew that. Um...I love this game of tag! (I'm a liar; did you know that?)

5) I can't do a cartwheel, although sometimes I imagine that's what's going to happen when I try to climb on board that super tall mustang, Jet. Why did she grow so tall? Aren't mustangs supposed to be short?

6) My grandmother died of cancer. Not the one who's still alive; the other one.

7) My children watch a stupid Japanese cartoon on the Geek Boy's computer and I'm forced to listen to some high pitched, whiny girl voice and wonder if all Japanese women sound like two year olds?

And with that...I shall now NOT tag anyone with this game. Instead, I'll start a new one.

7 things you'd like to accomplish in 2008.

And since I'm changing the rules, I'm going to tag back Mudranch first! And also...MiKael, Equine Mine, Pony Tail Club, Anne Marie (the queen of soap), Molly and Becky! Now, run along little friends. Go post your 7 things you'd like to accomplish in 2008, then tag 7 others and hopefully they'll be good hearted and understanding and realize you really had no choice. And if they become upset, blame MUDRANCH!


Anne-Marie said...

Ooooooh boy ... okay, I'll have to make up a list and hopefully post something about it... eventually. =)

Molly said...

You mean like not-gain-more-weight wishes/accomplishments? Alright, I'll try.

Tracey said...

Well, AM, I know you're the queen of making lists along with being the queen of soap, so it ought not be too hard for you, lol!

Molly, yes, like that weight goal/accomplishment that never seems to get met. Well, at least with me it never gets met!

Molly said...

Alright then. I did it fast and with my nose plugged. I got it down.

Mud Ranch said...

OOOHHHH... yikes. I see some sort of a nasty vendetta. ;) LOL I'll get working on that new 'virus' of yours. :D

Anonymous said...

you sneaky-sneak! i could look at it as a distraction from the gawd-awful boring work-work i'm working on... or as just one more thing on the loooooong list of things i have to do!

let me see if i can get my notes pulled together from the meeting i had to take notes for this afternoon and if i have time, i'll post my 7 things i'd like to accomplish in 2008 tonight. otherwise, it may have to wait a day or so!