Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's amazing all the folks who come out of the woodwork when you threaten to send them a nasty, poster size photo of yourself! I should have thought of this sooner :)

I will definitely keep y'all in the loop. I suspect it will be mid-February before we hear anything. If I get a favorable reply, undoubtedly you'll hear me screaming and yelling at the top of my lungs, and you'll know then to run into the house and read the blog. Of course, the same may be true if I don't make it in, lol!

But let's head back out into the mustang corral, shall we? There is evidently some horse blog talk about your favorite tool. Andrea posed this same question on the mustang forum and told me I was totally predictable when I said my rope!

Sunny sports a lariat headdress.

But it's true! A rope is the best tool ever. I discovered just how wonderful they were with Sunny. She didn't want me inside her bubble, didn't want a pole inside her bubble, but accepted the lariat with no problems. It was small, unintrusive, and light. I could flip it over her back and around her neck and legs, getting her used to all sorts of touching sensations without ever getting into her space. And eventually, the stiffness in it's coil is what helped me reach up and touch her as she accepted first the rope, then my hands on her fearful right side.

With Firecracker, the rope has changed from the stiff lariat to a soft cotton. This is the first time I've dealt with a horse without a halter, and of course I've been concerned about that poll injury. The lariat was too stiff to work as a halter, so cotton I ran out and bought.

Again, it can be flung across the back, around the legs and under the tail. FC is taking it all in stride. And this week, we turned it into a halter. The 2" ring at the end allows the rope to slip up under her throatlatch as well as slide easily around her nose. And I'm happy to report that each day has gotten easier to put it onto her head shy face.

Indeed, a rope is definitely my favorite tool!

Firecracker becomes accustomed to the feel of something on her nose.


Mrs Mom said...

I have been thinking about my favorite tool since I saw that question posed yesterday-- and the only thing I can come up with as a FAVORITE is the power of observation. (Does that even count? LOL) By watching a horse, I can then decide what to use, what treatment they need (in the case of rehabs,) when too much is too much, or not enough....

By observing closely (or "listening") to the horse, it makes my job(s) easier!

Still dont know if that really counts as a "tool" per say or not! LOL

But if not- I have to agree- a rope is a wondermous thing!!

Mud Ranch's Read Dirt said...

I am so happy that you're applying! That's exciting! And yes, I'll volunteer to drive you to California with my truck and trailer... but first you have to get here! ;D
Way to go Tracey... looking forward to meeting you in Sacramento!

Bluepaintred said...

***I still have not located your email address! I need it to send my mailing address for the Pay It Forward Post! Help!***

Tracey said...

Mrs., I don't see why observation wouldn't be a tool; it surely is what ought to be used first!

Mud...I think I'll need to be accepted first before you can see me there. I'm trying not to think about it for the next two weeks, lol.

BPR, sorry! I thought I had it up here...wonder if I deleted it when I was switching stuff around?

Katee said...

Tracey, I'm so glad that you applied and that God gave you that reminder message that He is super strong and will be there for you should they accept your application...well, he'll be there if they don't too!