Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sunny, Tait and Romans

Personal applications are everywhere...

The bible says that God is using the Gentiles to make Israel envious. Where? In the book of Romans, which is what I've been studying this year. It's a lesson that will stick with me since I had a good picture to go along with it this weekend.

I'd hoped to get close enough to Sunny this weekend to get a rope back on her, but that just wasn't the case. Someone suggested sitting out with her until she came up to me. It's been cold and wet, but there was a break in the weather on Saturday, so out I went with my chair and parked myself in the paddock. I also had to finish my bible study lesson, so that came along with me. As always Tait parked herself at my feet.

Tait's presence sparks curiosity in Sunny.

Sunny was curious, but until Tait showed up, she didn't really have any desire to get too close. She knew something was in my hands, but it wasn't enticing enough to walk up to me. As soon as Tait showed up, however, she was right there! No grain this time, but that didn't seem to matter. What mattered was that the dog may get something while she was missing out! I began reading aloud the passages in Romans, and had to laugh at what was happening right there at my feet. The horse was my first choice, but she wouldn't come to me. The dog wanted me, and sat at my feet. This was too enticing for the horse, who then decided to pursue me!

What's this? Should I get close? Hmmm....smells a little like grain over here...

Once I'd finished my lesson, I left the chair and Sunny. She explored the area, looking for a little grain and just a bit disappointed that it hadn't been there. The next morning it was raining and I moved the chair inside the barn where I sat with a scoop of grain. It didn't take long for my sidekick, Tait, to realize a sweet treat was at hand, and naturally, Sunny followed.

Someone had mentioned trying to slip a baling twine into the halter. It was smaller than a lead rope, so perhaps I'd be able to slip it in without the horse noticing, they'd wondered? Worth a shot, I decided. I found a blue twine, held it in my right hand, and settled down with the scoop.

Sunny reached out for the grain, then jumped away. She then reached again, grabbing a lip full of grain before jumping back. After a few mouthfuls like this, her desire to munch down the grain kept her standing pretty still. The end of the twine was rubbing up against her muzzle, and she both felt and saw it. I managed a couple of times to slip it up under her nose band, but she'd jump before I could get it in far enough for it to stay and it always fell back out.

Although I ran out of grain before getting the twine successfully wrapped around the halter, I did feel it was a bit of progress as she'd felt it moving alongside her nose and was relaxing. She also let Tait sniff all around her legs, including her back legs, and under her belly without being upset. It may be taking a bit more time to win her trust than anticipated, but I know she'll come around. Once she does, she'll make one heck of a nice horse.


smilnsigh said...

You sooooo badddddd! -grin- Me, who knows nothing about horses. You're getting me hooked.

I never did read here, because I know nothing about horses. But I read today and now, you've got me hooked. I'll have to keep coming back to this blog too... to see how you come along with Sunny.

As I said, You badddddddddddd! Just what I need! _Another_ blog to read. -grinnnnnnnnn-


Tracey said...


Always glad to lure someone over to the WILD side!

Janey Loree said...

My sons sat for hours when they got their first mustangs!! They wouldn't even stop for lunch! The way you are training Sunny is close to the way Travis and Tony do their training.

How many mustangs do you have? Just Sunny? Is she your first? Or in a long line of many?

Tracey said...

Janey Loree, Sunny is our second mustang thru the BLM. Our first was a reservation mare; spoiled little snot, that one! The original owner had no clue about horses, and she was more than happy to take advantage of that =) Perhaps I'll need to post about her at some point.

Oh...the other mustang we've got right now is Quiet Storm; there's a link to her website, Wild About Quiet Storm, here in the links section, plus I've mentioned her a couple times on the blog.