Monday, February 5, 2007

Skin and Scratches

Sunny had a bit of a dry patch that I'd noticed when she first got to Steve and Janice's place. Not much, but there was some dander and obviously rubbing going on near her shoulder. Of course, getting up close and personal wasn't going to happen at that point. But as the next few weeks went by, it got progressively worse. And it's no longer just her shoulder, but her muzzle and eye as well.
It's not uncommon for the mustangs to come in with some sort of skin trouble, be it lice, ringworm, or some form of fungus. Getting close enough to determine what it is and treat it is another issue! Thankfully, Sunny had been isolated from the other horses so they won't have picked it up (I hope!) But Steve and Janice, if you're reading this, you may want to keep an eye on your herd :)
This morning I was able to get close enough to Sunny with camera in hand to take a few new pictures of her condition. Her should has been rubbed this past week to bare skin. Below shows her poll area just behind her halter. I'd originally thought we were dealing with ringworm, but since she stood so well this morning, I'm now convinced we've got a horrific case of lice going on.
Sunny stood so well for me this morning it was hard to believe this was the same snorty little horse I'd first seen a few weeks back. Seriously, we've had to hang on and get a good grip on her lead so she wouldn't jump or back away from us in order to reach out and touch her before. Once scratched along the top of her neck, she'd relax, but getting there was work. This morning I managed to get a hand on her neck and scratch, then backed away, then stepped back to her and she didn't try to leave! That was so exciting for me, so that's when I ran and grabbed the camera to see if I could get some close ups of her skin. I actually walked up to her without needing to grab the lead rope, even with a spooky camera in my hand!
Of course, the reason she loves being scratched is because of the lice. And as I was scratching I found not only those little white eggs, but huge blood filled lice that were the same size as fleas all over in her hair. Poor girl! At least I know what I'm dealing with now, and since she's standing so danged good it ought to be easier to treat!

Okay, I just had to add this last picture in because this girl has a gorgeous butt, especially since she's a bit thin :)

A major Thank You to Steve and Janice for taking care of Sunny while she was at their place!

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ikkinlala said...

*shudder* Lice are just gross.

I'm glad she's standing still to be treated.