Saturday, February 3, 2007


...back at the ranch...

Too cold for us to want to spend much time with her, Quiet Storm lounged about in her paddock, waiting for sunny days. I've been hard pressed to decide which of the reassignment horses I want. Colt? Filly? Both horses are a wee bit on the thin side and in need of groceries and de-worming.

The colt was taller and had a quiet temperment; he'd be very easy to add to the menagerie we've got here. Still, I'm not really thrilled with his head. Not that you can ride a head, but his eyes are set up high and forward, plus a bit on the small side. Or is that just all his fuzzy hair that is creating on optical illusion? Like Quiet Storm, he appears to be more thoroubred in type; a bit more slender than the filly.

The filly, while shorter and a bit chunkier, has a nicer head and eye. She's awful snorty, to be sure, but a second visit has shown that she's not mean. I had her on a long rope and actually got her to move about in the arena a bit. She was watchful and didn't want to get too close. However, Steve had been working with her and was able to ease up to her and scratch her ears, working his way down her neck to her withers. She didn't like having a hand stretch towards her, but she did tolerate it, even enjoyed the ears and neck scratching.

So, I think my decision is made. Darling's got a quiet horse to work with, but I'd like something a bit more challenging, and the filly seemed like she would fit the bill. Paperwork would need to be filled out, the transfer fee needed to be paid. And, most importantly, we needed a name for our new filly!

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