Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Just gag me already

Look, mom, I can stand in the barn without it eating me!

Yuck! The lice are just as thick as all get out on this poor girl. I've ruled out ringworm, deciding that it's just the rubbing that's causing the bald spots. She actually looks like someone came along and took a pair of scissors to her, cutting off the long ends here and there. Instead, that's where the hair has broken off as she's been rubbing her itchy spots.

I sat with Sunny again this morning, attempting to lure her up to me with the scoop of grain. She plays a game with me; if she's not looking at me, I can't see her. Or at least that's what it seems she's thinking. So to ease her fear I began looking away from her, wondering if eye contact was something she was avoiding. It didn't seem to matter, though. Her biggest issue is putting her little muzzle down inside that narrow blue scoop. Her lips wiggle and she can absolutely taste the grain; you can see her yearning for it. She comes right up to me, stands with her front feet just a couple feet away. If she wanted, she could reach over and sniff me, but she doesn't want to. Not yet.

Walking up to her without first picking up the rope still isn't happening, but we're getting closer. She no longer wheels around and makes to the other side of the paddock like she did 48 hours ago. She's been a bit shy about me working on her left side, but since I've been sitting out with grain she's gotten a bit more accustomed to seeing me from that side and has become more relaxed. I think it's also helped having Tait out there running around her feet. She's become accustomed to the motion on both sides of her; at least when the motion is down near the ground :)

I'm going to add a couple of links off there to the right of the page on lice for anyone interested in reading more!

Quiet Storm wanders across a foggy field.
Hopefully, she won't pick up any lice from Sunny.


RoseMary said...

Tracey, I've been reading over here and not posting, but I love your Mustang Diaries. They are such beautiful horses. We would LOVE to be able to adopt some of these horses but we just aren't set up for it right now. We have the land but nothing else at this point. And, we don't know much about horses. We've seen some of the wild Mustangs on a ranch in Bartlesville, OK. I'm so glad you came over to my blog and introduced yourself. It is going to be fun keeping up with you and these beautiful animals.

Tracey said...

Rosemary, good to know you've been here reading :) Not many comments, so sometimes I wonder if I'm talking to myself...which is nothing new, lol, as I like to listen to myself!

If you ever get to the point of thinking you're ready for a horse, be sure to let me know! The wild ones, you may have noticed, are my passion :)

I'm glad I found your blog, too! It's been fun reading :)