Monday, February 5, 2007

Monday Morning

Sunny, all wet in Sunday's rain

5 am and I was unable to sleep, wondering how Sunny was doing out in her new surroundings. My worst nightmare was that I'd go out and find she'd jumped the paddock fence, and that Quiet Storm would have taken out the field fencing (she did that once before in an effort to get to 'her' flock), and I'd need to go searching the valley for my two wild ponies.

Getting my boots and coat on, I went outside and check on everyone. Thankfully, the rain has stopped; everyone was soaked to the bone yesterday as they all felt the need to stand around and stare at each other. So although it was dark, at least I wasn't wet as I made my way to the barn.

At first I couldn't see Sunny. Quiet Storm was standing alongside the fence wondering why I was out so early. I flipped on a spotlight outside, at which point I spotted Sunny inside. As long as I was out there, I figured I'd toss everyone some hay (the sheep were baaaing at me, so giving their mouths something else to do seemed like a good idea.) As I carried a flake into the paddock, Sunny came out and looked at it longingly. Good, I thought, she's hungry, which will make it easier to get close. But she didn't want hay that badly. Inside the barn I found she'd not eaten a bit of the hay I'd put in the manger the day before. She's accustomed to eating off the ground, so perhaps she didn't realize the hay was there? Or maybe she just didn't feel like eating her first day here. I placed this morning's flake on the ground for her, though, figuring she could learn to eat from a manger later.

Quiet Storm, refusing to go inside for fear of missing out on something.

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