Sunday, February 4, 2007

A Ray of Sun on a Rainy Day

I woke up this morning to hear the rain. It's been so cold and clear, then warm and clear, and I'd hoped it would hold out a bit longer. No such luck. Quiet Storm is standing outside with the sheep, and everyone is soaking wet.

A couple days ago I got an envelope in the mail. The return address on the label read United States Department of the Interior, and beneath that was the familiar address of the BLM's Spokane office. Hooray! The filly's paperwork was here. There was also an email from Steve, and we made arrangements for him to bring our new girl home on Sunday!

Darling and I had sorted through dozens of names for the new red filly and finally decided on one that we think will become a theme here. Her name is Sun Storm, Sunny for short. And so today, when it's pouring outside, our Sunny has made the journey to yet another new home.

Steve had said he'd be here about noon, but of course I needed to document the loading! (I'm certain I've driven the poor man crazy with my camera down there.) The trailer was backed into the arena, and Sunny was brought out of her fenced off corner. As usual, she was snorty, but she led out rather nicely if I do say so myself! Once she realized she was walking towards the trailer, though, she opted for an about face!

Steve kept encouraging Sunny to move forward, and eventually was close enough to run the rope up and around a rung inside the trailer. Sunny actually surprised me as she moved forward on her own accord to see what it was all about. A couple of good sniffs and... she went! The entire process from leaving her corner to getting into the trailer was less than five minutes. Once in the trailer, she went straight to the front and stood there politely, waiting for the door to close. And that was that.

The drive home was uneventful, although she did work up a bit of a sweat. When we opened the door of the trailer, Sunny got her first real look at her new home. Quiet Storm and the sheep were lined up waiting to see what came out of the trailer as she peered out the door.

After a moment or two of hesitation, she jumped out of the trailer and ran towards the back of the paddock...all I could catch of her was her back side :)

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The Food Lady said...

She's beautiful! Bless you for giving her a loving, good home!