Saturday, February 3, 2007

Another Visit with the Nameless Filly

The paperwork was in progress. I'd filled out the application along with a description of barn and paddock, and sent it off to the Spokane office. I was now waiting for approval. In the meantime, I wanted to go back and visit the filly. I was limited to the number of visits only by the distance and price of gas. Had she been closer to home, I'd likely have been down every day. However, it was an hour long trek to get to Steve's house, so once a week would have to do.

This would be my third visit to see the filly. When I pulled into the driveway Steve threw me a half smile, "Your girl's an escape artist; she got her halter off last night and slipped out into the pasture with the other girls!" Yikes, I thought. Would we be able to catch her? But Steve had already gotten her back into the runway between paddocks. I asked how we'd get the halter back on, and he said, "Same way I got it on her last time; rope her!"

Oh, boy...let me grab my camera!

Steve forms a lariat

"Nameless" watches from the corner"

He throws the rope and... Gotcha!

Once the nameless filly was roped, we got her inside and managed to slip the halter onto her face. I'd have loved to have taken pictures, but it was dark and I didn't want the flash going off in her face. So you'll just have to suffer through my word picture! Steve wrapped the lariat around a big post in the arena (it was holding up the wall, not a snubbing post, lol!) so that Nameless couldn't jump too far away while he slipped the halter over her head. She was about 15 feet from the post, so not tied up close. She was leaning back, but it didn't take long for Steve to convince her that she really wanted her ears rubbed, and that meant having a halter put on at the same time. Entire haltering process took about three minutes. Not bad at all...but I'm hoping I don't have to do it once she gets home!


RoseMary said...

Beautiful! I will confess to knowing next to nothing about horses, except that I love to look at them.

ikkinlala said...

She's beautiful.

I hope you find a good name for her soon.