Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'll take what I can get!

Snow on the ground Friday morning makes for cold days with the horses!

I've been working with the bailing twine the past couple of days, but to no avail. A couple afternoons ago I managed to slip it up into the halter; as usual, she took a quick step away. This time the twine appeared tucked in far enough for me to have been successful. No such luck. Sunny took three of four steps back, slightly frightened that something was following her face. Her quick pace caused the twine to slip and fall out.

Yesterday I had high hopes of repeating the process but was unable to do so. To make up for the disappointment (I think her halter had shifted, making it difficult to slip the twine underneath it) I decided to hold the grain scoop backwards. Meaning, I had the open end facing me with the raised end and handle facing Sunny. This meant she had to reach over it and actually touch it with her bottom lip. That's something she really doesn't like; having things touch her under her jaw or muzzle. She wasn't happy with this arrangement and after a couple of attempts, she gave up and so did I.

Today I was busy with other things, so pretty much left her alone. She nickered each time she saw me (food?) and was very willing to follow (at a safe distance) when I carried hay in both this morning and tonight. In the past, she's stood across the paddock, or at least turned her face away, pretending I wasn't there. I took this as a compliment today, and considered it progress made. Hey...gotta take what I can get, lol!

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