Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Not sure how it happened, but Sunny lost her lead rope today. It's not broken; the snap is still in one piece as is the halter. Guess this will fix for some interesting days ahead!
And yes, it's raining again. Not only that, but I could see a trace of snow over on the hill...uhg.


Shop girl said...

It's almost 9:00pm here in Idaho...I hope your guy came home with lots of Valentines...
Thank you for visiting my blog..please come back. I loved all your pictures and I will come back and read more about you. You are a beautiful lady...Mary

BarnGoddess said...

okay, you chose the flashy little filly.

she is flashy :)

Tracey said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Shop girl; sadly, no. Nothing. The stinker. He'll pay this weekend :) like my little filly? The escape artist? Thanks, I think she's cute, too. But also a stinker, lol! (My life is apparently full of stinkers, as I woke up to find one of the dogs had an accident indoors last night...bleck!)

Ellen said...

lol number two
tales from the crapper lol