Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tis the Season...

...for you to shop!

Unless you're going the Ba Humbug route this year, of course. And I can certainly relate to that feeling, what with the snow turned to ice rink deal we've got going here. No driving to the mall or feed store or tack shop for me, I'm afraid. I'll sit right here and wish I had a remote control stall cleaning system that would pick up the frozen piles that have accumulated overnight.


Despite not being able to hop in my little black Ranger and head to the chaos known as town, I'm assured that I'm still able to go Christmas shopping. City Boy loves to shop online...I swear the internet was developed just for men so that they didn't need to go networking at Macy's.during the holiday season. My grandmother, for years, has shopped from catalogs and her telephone...not to mention Television shows such as QVC. But me? I head to town and fight the throngs and swim like a fish upstream in effort to grab that $10 DVD player, which ironically I have no need for, not to mention anyone to give it to.

But not this year. This year I'm sitting here at my keyboard, wondering where I can find a 1200D waterproof (or at least resistant) blanket with a belly band that will fit Steve Holt!. Oh...and it must not cost more than an arm and a leg. Or worse...rendered duck fat. Exactly where does one shop for rendered duck fat? Help me out with those two items and I'll be ever so grateful.

In return, I'll send you here, where you can shop for gifts for the entire family (and, naturally, feed a wild horse while you're at it!) Everything from holiday cards and calendars (which everyone can use) to thermos' and mugs sporting photos of Oregon's wild horses. It's pretty cool stuff, really! And you don't need to traipse around in the snow or ice, or fight unruly crowds of angry shoppers to get there.



Dom said...
Voila :)

Sarah said...

Why does it need a belly band, or am I misunderstanding and you just mean the belly straps? Both mine wear medium weight 1200d (so that they retain some coat) Weatherbeta Oricans that I found cheap on ebay. Looks like they're going for 50-60 right now.

Tracey said...

Thanks, Dom!

Sarah, she wanted something that would keep his belly dry and clean, but as I'm talking to folks I'm thinking she may need to live without it. Sounds like some of the boys pee on them (euw!), and unless they're cinched up real tight, they don't really work. Better to learn this before making the purchase, eh?

East Bound said...

yes the bands do get peed on. the longer the horse the better chance it won't get soiled. here's a tack shop that will have what you are looking for.

CTG Ponies said...

I was also going to suggest Schneider's - they have a really good selection of blankets in various sizes.

And gross on the belly band!

Crystal said...

ewww that would be gross to get peed on, might be better to just have straps.