Friday, March 6, 2009


Hey, kids, this one's for you!

So what is it I'm doing in my spare time?

Huh? Spare time, you say?

Well, yes...those few wee moments before the sun comes up and I head out to do chores are my spare moments, and I've been busy planning a fun little thing called YAY!

YAY, or Youth And Yearlings, is an event designed specifically for kids 18 and under in WA State. We're offering an opportunity to gentle and ground train a yearling mustang this spring, then hosting an all breed open youth show in July during which we will have trainers and their yearlings return to compete in Fitting & Showing and an In Hand Trail course!

If interested, pop me an email and I'll send you the rules and an application. Mustangs will be picked up on April 25 during the adoption event in Arlington, WA. At the end of 3 months trainers will return with their horses to Black Raven Stables in Arlington where they will compete. Following the show there will be a competitive bid adoption. Trainers may elect to keep their yearling for a reduced adoption fee. For those trainers who wish to part with their yearling, and all funds raised over the base price will go directly to that trainer!

This is sure to be a fun and exciting event and a terrific way to challenge yourself and grow as a trainer. There are only 12 spots available, so be sure to get those applications in by March 27!


Folks, there's not much time left between now and the Northwest Extreme Mustang Makeover! If you're planning on attending, be sure to visit Mustang Fever and order your Steve Holt! shirt so that folks know you're cheering us on!

If you're looking for something small and don't want the hassle of ordering over the internet, I'll be bringing 3.5" buttons along with me. I'm taking pre-orders right now, but need to have them paid for no later than 10 am Monday morning. Yes, I know...that's not long! Buttons are $6 each and you can paypal me at

And now, if you've made it through all my advertising...Steve Holt! and I worked the bull again today and he did great! No camera, unfortunately, as Darling was having a little get together with some friends here at the house which required her photographic attention (or so I was told.) But eventually...eventually! I promise we'll get some footage before we take off for Albany.

I'm going to head off and get some pain killers into my system. I was supposed to have a root canal yesterday but ended up having a panic attack. They sent me to the ER where I got all hooked up to monitors and got to spend a couple hours of my day in an uncomfortable bed until the doc showed up to tell me..."Hey, you're fine! What are you stressed over?" Well, I dunno...the dentist??? They can never get me numb. And I'm beginning to throb again right now so off I go...


Lea and her Mustangs said...

I will put a check in the mail tomorrow Tracey. Hope that will work. I want two of them. I will take the check to the big post office first thing. Am so glad things are doing well.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

I know panic attacks. Bob called an ambulance once when I had one. Have had several but have not for over a year. Was so afraid of it being a heart attack I almost put myself into one. Hang in there.

Tracey said...

Lea, that's fine with the check :) Thank you!

I spent Mother's Day in the ER a couple years ago. They did an angioplasty and it came back clear, but no one ever told me it was a panic attack, I had to self diagnose...

Sarah said...

Uhgggg hate the dentist!!! Wow - I will pass this along to my horsey friends in WA - can Idaho kids be part of this too? Wonderful program!!! Sarah

Tracey said...

Sarah, we're hoping to get this program in Idaho next year, and possibly in Oregon as well. I want to keep it small and localized for our first time, though. Of course, if we find we're short applications and you've got kids who're willing to travel...well, I may open it up, lol!

Gecko said...

If only I were under 18 and in America! =( That's the best idea I've heard in a very long time! I would love to learn to train a young horse, but there aren't too many opportunities around here!