Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blog Virus Alert!

I was going to come and update you on Steve Holt!, only to find I'd been tagged by Angi at Free Rein Art.

Now, in the past I believe I complained enough about all the tagging blog viruses going on and eventually managed to create an immunity whereby people have left me alone. Angi, however, decided to tempt fate. But as this is a game of photo tag, I won't complain!

The game is this: Find the 6th folder and then the 6th photo from that folder in your files and post it.

How simple is that?

Wait...I've got more folders inside my folders!

Let's see...we'll start with the Mom folder, then count down six to the Brigget folder, two, three...wait, here it is, six more folders to the Creepiness folder...

three, four number six from Brigget's Creepiness!

Creepiness to end all Creepiness...

My friend Brigget has a barn (eieio), and in that barn is something creepy (eieieo)... Actually, there are a lot of creepy things in Brigget's barn, but the creepiest of creepies is that thing above. For the longest time we didn't know just what it was, although there were little creepy spider legs and bodies shoved inside of it. They are scattered all over in the loft of Brigget's barn...the Loft Of All Things Creepy, as it came to be known the summer we found these creepy little gems.

It took some research, but in the end we discovered they were wasp larvae; the wasps would bring spiders to their young to feed them. Or something like that. All I know is I hate spiders with a passion, and each time I'd climb into the loft I'd be confronted with these and other creepy things. Like a noose hanging from the rafters. Yeah...that was creepy, too, since it hadn't always been there.

Not everything at Brigget's is creepy, though. Some things are super dee duper cute, like the little icelandic ewe lamb she's holding below.

Now, to tag six more unsuspecting souls...

Froglander (because I know you've got so much spare time, girl!)

Mustang Saga

Two Appaloosas and a Mustang

Stormy Ranch

Pony Girl

Eliminator PP

What, you've been subjected to this blog virus once already? Heh...well, tag, you're it...again!


Pony Girl said...

Ha ha! What if I take some Zicam or vitamin C really quickly....can I avoid this virus?
No really, thanks for tagging me. I'll see what I can scrounge up! :)

froglander said...

Picture posted! Not as creepy as yours was though, lol.

Angie said...

Thanks for not coming down too hard on me! I knew you'd have something interesting to share.
Thanks too for showing my neon cowboy...He's my favorite.