Friday, March 13, 2009

Riding Club Demo

Steve Holt! was invited to do a demo for the Riding Club after our meeting last night. We did a few things like back between poles raised off the ground and then wowed them with how easily we could knock one of them down while side passing. No, kidding. We did knock down the pole, but the wow came when I pulled out that plastic bag and could hear people saying their broke horses weren't able to do that! I rubbed it all over him and had him sidepass over the top of it.

Darling caught some footage and, in my haste to get it uploaded, I didn't bother editing. But hey, you'll get a good look at where we're at in terms of his walk, trot and lope. As always, I expect feedback on your thoughts and suggestions to make this smooth and seamless!


froglander said...

Wow, your stops have gotten so much better than the last time I saw one!

I love how he just trotted right through that green plastic.

So that his shoulder doesn't pop out so much in trot and canter circles, have you tried using more outside rein, giving him sort of a wall to help him keep it together? Other than that, you guys look great!

Tracey said...

Thanks Kristi. Yes, I do tend to get sloppy with that outside rein and need to pick it up for him...but he doesn't always respond. He likes to run through reins as well as plastic tarps :)

froglander said...

Hehe on the running through reins.

One of Diane's horses, Stetson, he went through that drunken soldier stage and his canter was awful and she didn't like riding him all that much at that point. The few times I got to ride him, he did a lot better if you helped hold him together so he could find his balance and not pop that shoulder out and it helped his canter a lot. I know it's hard when you're wanting him to stay on a circle to think of using an outside rein, but it helps :)

Linda said...

He's made a lot of progress--and your counter says Albany in three days--can that be true? How exciting. Time has flown by!!