Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Wouldn't you want to jump right in and gobble that up??? Corn, Oats and Barley, mixed with some applesauce and sprinkled with a powdered antibiotic...Steve Holt! turns up his nose and prefers not to touch it. And after all the trouble I went to!

Right now Steve Holt!'s nose is drying up, kind of like your's or mine after the worst of the runnies are drying up. But the cough...well, that was more noticeable yesterday.

I've been unsure if he's been eating his grain after I leave or if it just gets dumped out into the bedding. Yesterday I hauled the big corner feeder that we'd purchased in Oregon into his stall. It's a Noble feeder, with a big opening in the center for hay and two corner pockets for grain or salt or whatever you'd like to use them for. I put his antibiotic laced grain and applesauce into it and left. When I came back out a bit later, it appeared he'd nuzzled it and attempted to taste some, but it surely wasn't something he couldn't leave his lips off from. So I got the bright idea to grind up his favorite horse treats into very fine chunks and mix that it. Bingo! This morning it was all gone and I know the antibiotics are inside that belly. Say a prayer that this cough goes away in the next couple of days so we don't end up with pneumonia.

Darling must have been bored the other day. Here is one of her latest videos:


Nikki said...

Ok I really liked the video! I see a career there somewhere. I hope SH feels better soon.

CTG Ponies said...

Fingers crossed for Steve Holt! I hope he feels better soon.

Callie said...

Hope he gets better soon! Love the video!

Pony Girl said...

Your darling has some talent there...is this a hobby or something she'd like to do professionally?
Glad SH! got his meds, hope he's on the mend soon! I do the applesauce trick for my boy and it works, even for paste dewormer (thank goodness because he's a nightmare to deworm!)

Rising Rainbow said...

Sometimes the things we concoct for our horses really do look yummy and they can smell pretty darn good too, but I've learned to resist the urge to sample.

Sorry to hear that Steve Holt! is sick. Hope he gets over his bronchitis soon.

And a big congratulations on your finish. Even if you didn't make the top ten you guys did yourselves proud. That's what counts!

And I really agree with you about those bridges in Portland. I'll soon be putting in my time on those suckers and I'm dreading it.

Katee said...

Poor Steve Holt!! I am sending my hopes and prayers that he eats all his medicine and feels better soon. With Carl, the trick is molasses added to his grain. It prompts him to not only eat all the grain and medicine, but lick the pan clean!