Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On the Road...

Roughly an hour and we'll be headed down to Kevin and Lisa's place where Steve Holt! has been invited to spend the night before heading into Albany on Thursday morning.

Darling and I hauled Sandy and Steve Holt! up to the arena yesterday morning for one last ride. I set up a few trail obstacles and worked a bit on our in hand skills. Steve Holt! hates to trot while leading; he does it, but his ears are pinned back the entire time. Not sure how well that will go over. Darling and Sandy practiced jumping...or'll enjoy her video, I'm sure.

I'm still unsure what we'll do for our 'at best' portion of the riding course. Have you got any ideas? We get about a minute or so to show off something we've worked on at home before moving into the obstacle course. I've watched a few videos on you tube...half passes, standing in the saddle, tossing a rope...that sort of stuff. We can't use props, although I believe the ropes were allowed because they could be carried on the saddle. I'm no good at standing in the saddle, but I can do one of those 'around the world' things where you turn all the way around from front to back then front again. I might do that. I'll probably jog a couple of circles, maybe throw in a half pass...I dunno. I'm counting on him riding through the course clean enough to gain me the points and make up for my inability to decide what else to do!

While we are nowhere near as far along as these two guys, I thought it may be fun for you to see what a couple of the top ten finishers looked like at the big makeover in TX last fall. The first one is Mark Lyon, who won. The second is Avrel Bass...I'm not sure where he placed but I want to say third.

Laptop in hand, I'll be checking in to see if y'all have come up with something interesting to show off our 'at best' portion of the riding course on Friday!


wilsonc said...

Good luck! I'll be rooting for you and for Steve Holt. I will be there on Friday and on Sunday.

Lulu said...

I've known Mark for years; such a great guy!

Good luck, I can't wait to hear how it goes!!