Friday, March 13, 2009

Steve Holt! vs. Hydra Bull!


Judy and Bob said...

Wow Tracey, I liked how he anticiapted what the bull was going to do and "jumped" into the other direction to keep up with the bull.
I don't see where I can comment on the riding demo so I'll add my 2 cents here on that as well. I loved that last halt at the end of the video, from a lope even!GOOD downward transition SH! I missed the lead change on the the figure 8, the camera didn't follow well enough, but his canter/lope departs look good for less than 90 days of training. He's picking them up well, and no tail swishing or anything like that - so he's comfy with it.
Trotting through that tarp like it was nothing - plan on that for your free-style - it shows confidence and trust in my opinion.
Only fault if you want to hear one, is he's still heavy on the forehand, BUT has lightened up from when we talked about it before, several weeks ago. He's solid. I don't know what the competition is like but I'd dare say you have a top 10 horse there so have a free style ready girl!
Judy & Bob

ranchette said...

Steve Holt! is looking like a trooper. Love the hydra bull video.

Saddle Mountain Rider said...

Wow! He looks good! Didnt you just start him? I like his transition. Looks like fun.

Nikki said...

I have always thought reigning looked fun. You two looked good together.

Gecko said...

Look at him go!!!!! Yeehaa Steve Holt!!

Becky said...

Hey Tracy--

#1: Cool dragon-horse. As a native of Southern California, I had no idea it looked that cool when you ride a horse in cold weather.

#2: I was showing your video to my non-horsey husband, and explaining what you're doing/done, and he said, "You mean it's possible to be riding a wild horse in 3 months? I can't tell the difference between that horse and other normal horses. She must be really good."

And we both agreed that you are. :)

Kathy C said...

Love the steam coming out as he tracks the hydra bull.

I see from the ticker you must be hading to the event soon. Best of luck and I will try to keep track this week as you compete. I think you have a winner here! Congratulations ahead of time, for everything you have done.

gtyyup said...

Great job Tracey!! I bet you're excited...wishing you the best of luck at the Makeover! Wish I could be there.