Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh...the Weather Outside is...


Up on the hill, a wee dusting of snow. Down here in my paddock, rain (resulting in mud.) When the clouds parted this evening the sky was flame red out beyond the end of the valley.

Thankfully, we had a few nice days earlier this week. Thursday I rode Jet the mile down to the arena, working her on a loose rein, walking and trotting while staying relaxed. I'm wondering if the light contact on the bit the other day was getting to her. She's sensitive about things like that, and too much contact can cause rearing in a horse like her; we already know she's prone to throwing herself up into the air. So that was the goal on Thursday; stay relaxed and confident in the saddle, and hope that would translate into a relaxed and confident horse.

It worked. There was a time or two when I could feel her tense up and try to push her way out of a circle, but I dropped the outside rein completely and just feathered the inside enough to tip her nose in the direction I wanted to go, and she followed.

After a nice ride inside, we headed home. Rather than our usual route, we turned the other direction and headed further down the road, then up and around the block. A country block, that is. She'd never been out that way and in true Jet fashion, she stepped right out like the curious explorer she is. We returned home 2 hours after we'd left, ears up and relaxed. It was a very nice ride, one I hope we can build on.

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froglander said...

Good rides are always nice! That is what makes horses so much fun, finding ways that work for each individual.