Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Check It Out!

If you live somewhere in the west, you've no doubt seen their magazine sitting in a tack or feed store at some point. The Northwest Horse Source is a lovely little magazine chock full of interesting articles, many reader submitted, plus great horse industry news and a smattering of classifieds. What sets it apart from the other magazines of equal caliber is that it's free... Yeah, that's right! And in this economy, who doesn't like free?

So maybe you're sitting out there thinking to yourself..."Hey, Desperate, you numbskull...I live on the east coast, so how is this good news for me?" And I'd holler back at you, "Hey, check it out! They've got a blog! Not only that, but their entire magazine is online. That means all those terrific articles are just a click away!"

Yup. That's what I'd holler back. Of course, you'd probably want a link to go with the hollering, and I could provide you with that, too. Of particular interest to my dear readers...(or perhaps just my grandmother...) would be this link:

You may also want to view the magazine itself, which can be found here:

I hope y'all enjoy the magazine as much as I do.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans :)


froglander said...
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Cave BlackFyre said...

Thank you Tracey! For those of you that don't know me, besides having BlackFyre Farms, home to the 3 Arabians that light up my life (and former Mustang owner) and one of the top breeders in N. America of Belgian Tervuren dogs, I am also the Sales Manager for The Northwest Horse Source magazine.

We try very hard to be the NW's premeir resource for all things equine educational and along with our blog (where you can follow along my upcoming trails and tribulations in trying to nurse my mare Dancer back to health), we are going to have our entire magazine available in digital format begining December 1st!

We are also looking at adding some reader written content online to give those of you who have a flair for telling an interesting story some place to tell it!

And yes, we do have to charge for the advertising in our magazine, because that is what enables us to produce a quality publication month after month for you, our readers, enjoyment!

With that in mind, if you do shop with our advertisers at all, please let them know you saw their ad in NWHS, it helps them know that they are seeing a true return on their investment of hard earned money.

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving everyone!

Angie Nelson said...


Thanks for the visit the other day and for the link to the magazine. I like freebies!