Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meet the Trainers and a Chance for Beauty

An amazing turn of events came to pass yesterday as the wife of T. Boone Pickens proclaimed that she was going to adopt all 30,000 plus horses in long term holding. Seems a bit surreal, doesn't it? While some are rejoicing, others are holding their breath and wondering just how she'll pull it off. I'm left wondering if this deal was in the works when it was announced that there was a stay of execution. Either way, it again buys Beauty time, and very possibly her life.


For those of you who live in or around the northwest, I thought perhaps you'd enjoy seeing the list of trainers for the upcoming Northwest Extreme Mustang Makeover:

Whitney Campbell, WA
Miguel Chappell, OR
Kyle Churchill, WA
Gerry Cox, WA
Keith Danielson, WA
Corinne Elser, OR (Corinne won the Western States Challenge)
Cheryl Elser, OR (Corinne's mom...they say she's a tough competitor!)
Josh Fitzgerald, OR
Erin Gray, OR
Janelle Hight, OR
Scott Hulme, ID
Jasmine Ison, OR
Tracy Kiefer, OR
Erica Knight, OR
Ben Kurtz, OR
Dawn Marten, OR
Laird McCabe, OR
Becky McPheters, CA
Neil Ousterhout, OR
Denise Philips, OR
Kimberly ROss, OR
Diana Shneider, OR
Jackie Sighloh, OR
Shelley Simmons, OR
Kevin Sink, OR
CAssi Soule, OR
Jamie Thomas, WA
Ruben Villasenor, WA
Dave Weeding, MT
Tracey Westbury, WA
Mo Wilcox, OR
Leslie Zenich, OR
Jani Mari Zigray-Chochran, OR
Matt Zimmerman, OR
Brent Rollins, OR
Dave Bosen, ID

Congratulations to all those who've been selected, and I hope to meet you soon!

My plan, at least for the moment, is to head out on Dec. 3, Wednesday afternoon, travel halfway(ish), then out again on Thursday morning. This will have me traveling during daylight hours and minimizes any risk of slick roads should we end up with less than ideal weather. It will also put us down at the corrals with a couple hours of daylight left and I'll be able to get a sneak peek at the horses for the competition.

On Friday we'll spend a bit more time helping out at the corrals, and then hopefully have some time to sneak up to Steens in hopes of seeing a few horses in the wild.

Of course, the camera will be with me, along with the laptop, so that you'll be kept in the loop with all the latest news and photos of the weekend.

My favorite cowboy...aside from City Boy, of course!

Driving with me, aside from Darling, will be a young woman I met up at the fair this past August. She's been wanting to adopt, and my trip provides a perfect opportunity for her to pick out her new mustang. Debbie, who has Mist and Quiet Storm, is also considering coming along, so I'll have a truck full of helpers and spare drivers. Except for you, Darling! No driving for you...not this trip :)


Linda Reznicek said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I'll look forward to the pictures.

I sure wish you would adopt Beauty!! Did she come in during the same round up as Beautiful--August 07? Did you ever hear how many were taken during that roundup?

Karen J-S said...

Howdy there...thanks for stopping by my blog! I'd been thinking of going out to the Corrals to see the trainers come pick up their horses. I'd love to meet you guys!

The photo...your favorite cowboy...I'm just guessing from the photo that it's Gary Rose at the Corrals? If not, it's still a great photo.

Happy Trails~~

Tracey said...

Linda, yes, she came in with Beautiful. Hey...just loan me a few thousand to cover expenses and I'll head on down to get her :)

Karen, yes, it's Gary Rose and Kidd. He cracks me up. He's forgotten me twice...then tries to cover it up with, "How could I forget someone as beautiful as you?"! Yeah, right. Sweet talkin' cowboys... Just a little too late to say the right thing, Mr. Rose!

Hope you do come by, Karen. Just ask if they've seen me around and we'll meet up.

nerves05 said...



froglander said...

It's going to be fun! I may not have as much of a zoom lense, but I'll be taking pics too (gotta post 'em for my Flickr friends, lol).

Time is flying by way too fast!!

Linda Reznicek said...

Can't loan you that much--would $20.00 help. LOL. Okay, for the record--Beauty is Beautiful's mom. (This is the 3rd blog I've written it on, so now it's true.) They have similar heads and manes--and the same name. So, she's her mom. :) pssst....If anyone asks, say she's her mom, okay? Now you HAVE to adopt her--SAVE BEAUTIFUL'S MOM FROM the BILLIONAIRE LADY!!!

Cave BlackFyre said...

Hard to think that March is now only about 4 months away, eek time flies!

NWHS will have a booth at Albany. I don't know if I'll be going down myself but I know Karen P. will be there.

Perhaps we can do some type of "Meet a Mustang Challenge Trainer" event in the both and you can spend a tiny bit of your 'free' time promoting the Mustangs and speaking with Readers who stop in? I potential idea to think about anyway :-)

Tracey said...

LOL, Linda...sure, we'll call it that if it makes you happy :) We may be able to check records to see who Beautiful came in with, but then again she may have gotten separated early on and they may not know. Since they have similar names, they probably are related :)

Karyn, you know I'm up for that!

Jan said...

Laird McCabe riding Mustang Sally won the Extreme Mustang Make Over last Saturday in Albany. For those who missed the event I took a video of both the elimination round and the free style. Both are posted on YouTube. To locate videos search for Laird McCabe.

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