Friday, November 21, 2008

50,000...and I missed it!

50,000 visitors...and I missed when it happened! Yesterday, I suspect. I used to sit and watch that counter on a daily basis. Now? Not so much.

A lot has happened in the last 50,000 visits. Darling and I attended the Lynden Pro Rodeo where we saw the cowboys lose to the colts.

I spent a few months with Curt learning to ride...but I gotta tell you I don't sit a horse nearly as purty as he does!

Tangy had her foal, a little red colt dubbed AJ. That little mare, you may recall, was as big as a house and way overdue. There was a bit of fear that she was harboring twins...but thankfully, no. It was just one nice, big hipped boy in there.

We went on vacation last spring to Burns. On our way home City Boy spotted a roadside attraction...the skull of a dead horse. And yes...our charming souvenir is still proudly displayed outside of our house.
What? I needed to warn you as to the graphic nature of this blog? Oops. Silly me.

My parents left their home in Yuma to vacation for the holidays up here in the northwest. It used to be they vacationed in Yuma, but somewhere along the line things got turned around.

When they left for Yuma a couple months ago they took one of our kittens that had been born here this summer. He's their traveling companion. Apparently he feels my dad is an armchair. Or perhaps he thinks he's a parrot?
I saw far too many really nice horses left behind at adoptions this year, including this lovely mare. I wonder if she's still there in Burns? If so, I may just have to request that she comes to a spring adoption so I can bring her home and work with her a bit.

If you get a chance, turn on World News Tonight (tonight) and see Madeleine Pickens being interviewed about her plan to take on the over abundance of wild horses that have been in holding.


Linda Reznicek said...

50,000 hits--wow! Good for you--it can only do the Mustangs proud! I copied and pasted your invitation to watch World News Tonight on my own blog--I'll be watching! I can't wait to hear her plan!!!

Christa said...

Congrats on 50,000 Tracy :) I know I check at least 3 times a day lol...I don't want to miss anything. You have had a very busy year and I think you are doing a wonderful job with the Mustangs. I just hope someday I will be able to be just as involved :o)

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Wow, 50,000. If I knew how to install a counter I would. I have a horse skull on the corner of my deck too but I brought it home from the field across the the road. The nasty old wanna be trader who had his horses removed for starving them tossed it aside after one died. I just watched the news. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

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photogchic said...

I love that horse that Curt is riding...gorgeous! Look at that bum on a barrel horse there!

Callie said...

I recently read that about Ms.Pickens. Awesome!