Sunday, November 16, 2008

8 Second Ride

Darling and I led Jet down to the arena yesterday for a ride. She had a rough ride with Sandy out on the trails on Monday; he insisted on jumping over all the old moguls left from the loggers, then on our way home he laid down. All I heard was a little squeal and when I looked back there he was...or they were, I should say...on the ground. Thankfully Darling had pulled her foot off to the side to avoid injury. But she was understandably shaken, and from that point has decided she really wants to ride only Jet.

Her first ride in the arena was mid-week, and the two of them did well. Walk and trot, Jet was bouncy as could be, but Darling stayed with her and even began to think perhaps she would like to give dressage a try sometime. Jet is built for dressage, all upright and springy. Surely not a western pleasure horse.

The ride was good, and as mentioned, we walked down again yesterday for a second go. Darling was a bit on the nervous side, although I wasn't too sure why. Jet was walking out but didn't appear to be doing much wrong. She ultimately was listening as Darling put her leg into her and guided her in circles. After 20 minutes or so, Darling was worn down and saying she didn't feel like trotting, so she climbed off and I got on.

I've got to hand it to Darling, she made it look easy. Once I was in the saddle Jet's true feelings about the ride began to shine through...


Andrea said...

That doesn't look too fun, but I'm glad she did it to you and not your daughter!

Cave BlackFyre said...

Ride'r Cowgirl! Jet decided to share her opinion, ouch... I hate it when the youngsters decide to try on their broncing skills, it seldom helps your back the next day, but at least you were able to stay in the saddle!

Anonymous said...

Naughty pony! I hope that she got a good work out after that.

Katee said...

Eeck! At least she pulled it together pretty quick and didn't continue to romp and toss and jump. Did she recover pretty quickly afterward?

Tracey said...

Can't say that it was a lot of fun, Andrea, and I, too, am glad it was me up there rather than Darling.

Karyn, amazingly my back and body were fine. I'd prefer if she kept her opinion to herself, though, lol!

SMR, yes, she got a workout. However, being that it was a cold arena, Darling eventually got tired of sitting and waiting, and while Jet was wearing down, she still had enough zip that we could have done circles for another hour.

Katee, mentally she did pull it together, which I'm grateful for. Had her bucking continued, she'd have lost me, I'm sure. I was wishing I had spurs on, however, to hustle her along once her feet (and mind) were back on the ground! She was slow to respond to my heels, which you can see in the clip just prior to Darling shutting down the camera.