Friday, November 14, 2008

Eee Moh Shun Al

Extreme Mustang Makeover

You have been selected as a trainer for the Northwest Extreme Mustang Makeover.

City Boy was reading over my shoulder. "I want you to go back and read this part," he said...

We understand that this is a long emotional, physical, and expensive journey!

"Do you see that, right there?" he asked me. I was afraid he was about to point out the expensive journey when he said, " EEE MOH SHUN AL! I'm not bringing another horse home."

Yes, dear...

So, which of these beauties do you suppose I'll be coming home with preparing for adoption?


Jessie said...

Congratulations Tracey!

And good luck!

I really would like to participate again, but it won't be happening this year. Not enough room, and not enough hay :-(

Hopefully they keep it going for a long time so I'll get to do it again!

I am so looking forward to following along again.

Tracey said...

Thank you, Jessie. I'm only able to do it this time around because it's so much closer, and I've got a couple of good sponsors to help cover expenses. Not to mention a travel mate to cut down on the fuel =>

Rising Rainbow said...

Congrats, Tracey!

I hope this goes well for you. It sure would be nice if you had someone in mind ahead of time that might like this horse when you are through. That might make it less eee moh shun al to let go and make for a different type of bonding.

Cave BlackFyre said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I was at first thinking "Did Tracey get an Arabian????" LOLOL the name rather looked like an Arab name, LOLOL.... (Actually I'm just evil enough to 'borrow' your phonetic spelling to name a future foal such a name, hehehe)....

Deb and I still want to go for a ride! So perhaps you need to do a celebration ride soon??????


Tracey said...

Thanks, MiKael! Although I'm not sure there's any way not to bond...but perhaps it would be easier if you adopted it???

Karyn, aren't we on for Deb's birthday?

Dixie said...

I thought that is was a bit easier the second time around.I know you will do great!

Shirley said...

Wonderful! Any one of those horses will be lucky if you pick him or her!

Tracey said...

Hi Dixie! Good to 'see' you :) I'm sure it'll feel better this time (unless I end up with a skunk head of a can just never tell!)

Shirley, I wish they allowed us to pick! Alas, it's the luck of the computer draw. But that has it's advantages as you never have the opportunity of saying 'man, I wish I'd picked number 8400 instead!' Plus, this leaves it all up to God :)