Friday, March 28, 2008

This is the Way We Mop Our Horse

How to Mop a Mustang

Step 1) Find a mustang. Having it in a secured area is helpful, as if it is still out on the range it may run away.

Step 2) Find a mop. I've decided this might just be a window washer, but it works the same.

Step 3) Approach mustang. He may not like this step as mops eat mustangs.

Step 4) Begin to gently mop your mustang's hiney with the rubber blade. When he realizes it's not an eating utensil, he will relax and you'll be able to use the blade to remove excess winter hair as it sheds out. The distance between you and the mustang is helpful as you will only consume half of the hair, thereby reducing the amount of hair balls you'd suffer had you used something like a rubber curry.

I believe I need to patent this technique. Any suggestions on a good name for my mustang mopping utensil?

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1 comment:

Rising Rainbow said...

Nope, no ideas on a name for your invention. But anything that helps keep distance between me and the flying hair sounds like a winner. I'm glad he's taking to this new "procedure" so well.