Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just Training In The Rain...I'm Training In The Rain!

But it's not exactly a glorious feeling...

The Peanut Gallery

The peanut gallery watches intently during Sandy's training sessions. Usually it's just Firecracker standing there, but yesterday Jet decided to join in as well.

As you can easily see from the photos, the rain is creating quite a mess of mud around here. But no stopping the training sessions on account of a little drizzle. Or a downpour, either, for that matter. The show must go on, and yesterday was no exception. Heck...there's not been an exception all week!

Sandy's working at standing tied. His first attempt the other day had him mildly frustrated and he pawed the ground. Yesterday was better. He stood patiently as I walked away, never fighting the light pull of the rope when he felt it. I went inside to grab my camera and returned to find him in the same position.

And what is that we see back there on Sandy's back? Yes, indeed it is a saddle. And yes again, it's been tightened up around his tummy. And yes, one more time, I left him standing there tied with the saddle on, and he didn't seem to mind one little bit. Good boy, Sandy! He's probably too depressed about leaving sunny CA and living in all this rain to care, eh?

No, I don't ride with my stirrups upside down...why do you ask?


Rising Rainbow said...

I can just see you tap dancing your way out to the paddock for your training session. lol God sure isn't making this easy on you. I doubt that Sunny cares but I sure hope you don't melt.

I just saw a weather forcast, it doesn't look like there is much relief insight. Showers are predicted every day for a few. Supposedly they are scattered showers but I know from years of riding outside they only time they let up is when I'm not outside.

Sunny looks very relaxed with his new wardrope. That's pretty darn cool.

photogchic said...

Wow so cool to see that saddle up there already! I think you should get some bonus points for training in the muck:-)