Sunday, March 23, 2008

Second Week

Sandy's biggest struggle continues to be his lack of confidence. As mentioned yesterday, I'm working on that through food motivation this weekend. Despite what seemed like progress yesterday, this morning I was still greeted with a snort and a spook. Still, he did approach a bit quicker than he had yesterday when he was offered a handful of food. With church this morning and then going to Grandma's for Easter dinner, I probably won't spend much time with him today. Plus, it's pouring down rain and blowing as well. I think just a few trips out with a handful of goodies is all I will have the time or desire for.

Sandy's progress this week includes:

Walking out to the round pen and back. Hesitantly at first, then with more confidence once he figured out the whole belly rope thing.

Wearing a saddle, all cinched up, and having no problems walking around with it on his back. He's even graduated from the small, light weight training saddle to my nearly too heavy to lift Billy Cook. He'll do a 360 turn when asked and doesn't mind the feel of the cinch around his tummy in the least.

He stood while I put my foot in the stirrup and shifted the saddle around.

He let me brush his leg all the way down to his hoof. Granted, it's just the left front, but it's a start, right?

He's worn the snaffle a few times. He's a bit hesitant about taking the bit and his head goes up rather high, making it hard for me to get it on at first. He's not mouthing it anymore, though, and he's not worried about the headstall going over his ears.

Stepping over a white PVC pipe placed in his paddock. He didn't snort or spook at it, just looked and stepped. Piece of cake!

I can work my way lower on his body than I could a week ago, but it's still very slow going. I brushed back to his hips and a little on his haunches. He's still ticklish back there and insecure about what may happen to him if I touch him, but it's getting better.

He took a few steps yesterday close enough to me that I could keep my right hand on his neck while we were leading in the round pen. This is what I've been waiting for! For him to walk confidently alongside of me. When he can do that, and not be worried about my touching his side as we move along, then I know he'll be ready to start mounting. Other things are falling into place; the saddle, the flexing and giving to the bit...that's all there. He just needs to feel confident enough in our relationship to know I'm there for him, even if it's alongside or on top.

As for me and my horse, we will follow the Lord!

Celebrate the Risen Lord!

Happy Easter!


Rising Rainbow said...

Happy Easter, Tracey!

Callie said...

Happy Easter! I'm amazed at how fast he's progressing!

Tracey said...

And to both of you, too!

Mrs Mom said...

Wow- look at that. Darn Tracey, he looks great and both of you are doing terrific! Keep up the good work ;)

Happy Easter to you all too!

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Jason Dittle said...

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Two Ponies Training Center said...

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