Monday, March 3, 2008

Since everyone else is doing commentaries...

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It would seem commentaries are all the rage right now. Since Callie asked in the comments here about someone else's comment towards me on a forum, I thought I'd explain what happened.

Most of you have read MiKael's blog post about the uneducated blogger who felt it her duty to show her superior knowledge (or lack of) by putting down just about every discipline she could think of other than Western Pleasure. It took me a while, but I realized that I'm on a forum with her, and I got a real chuckle out of it when I realized who it was.

A few months ago a woman who rides a little mustang asked the show crowd if there were any venues where her nieces might ride in a more 'natural' way. She's got her gelding going in a bitless bridle and doesn't want him to ever have a bit in his mouth. Now, I'm one to say that a tool is only as harsh as the hands that are using it, and that includes any bit out there. But she's bought into the 'bits are cruel' and that's her right. If her horse is stopping and turning for her when she wants him to, and is a safe mount, then I see no problem.

Rather than be nice, the show crowd began to harass her, telling her she had her head in the sand, that she wasn't above the rules and maybe she ought to learn to follow them, and that she was close minded. Me, I just had to step in and defend the poor little thing. So I asked them if they knew why certain bits were used, while others weren't. And they began to harp on how a horse travels better and collects and bends and all sorts of reasons why some work better.

That, however, wasn't the question. Because the horse works better in it is a good reason to use it, but that doesn't explain why the others are disallowed. If a horse doesn't work well, it won't place, and the person riding will either stop or get a new bit so they can improve.

And because we were talking her nieces, 4-H should have been a great place for them to learn this. However, 4-H has the same bit rules. Me, I'm thinking (or typing out loud) that this rule should be changed. There's no reason, if the horse is under control, that the girls shouldn't be allowed to show. I've seen a lot of out of control horses wearing the 'right' bit that ought to have been sent home. So aside from tradition (the Mexican cowboys started their horses either in hackamores or snaffles, then graduated to ported bits), there really was no reason for the rule in 4-H.

I may have referred to them as circle trotters, too. Yes, I did do that. And that sent them off into a frenzy. Obviously, I didn't know what I was talking about. After all, it was a bosal, not a hackamore, and pleasure is more than just trotting in circles. Obviously, the Desperate Horsewife hasn't a clue what she's talking about because, as we all know, she just rides mustangs. And I was referred to as Einstein by our sweet little blogger girlfriend.

Oh, but how wrong they were! And this is what I love the most, being able to then flash my credentials across the screen and see them turning red (well, I imagine they are on the other side of their computer screens, anyway) in embarrassment as they realize that yes, I do know how hard it is to win at Western Pleasure, and yes, it is called a hackamore, and yes, I was once a circle trotter, too, and they've just proved my point about circle trotter mentality. And suddenly they're apologizing because they didn't know I'd shown upper levels, and yes, maybe in 4-H it would be okay...

And what really bugged me is it wasn't just the little princess we all know and love, but people who call themselves professionals who were harassing the poor woman. Now I ask you, would you want to train with someone who treated those not in the 'know' like they were dirt? I know I wouldn't.

Perhaps I should change my name around here to the Desperate Einstein, eh? Unfortunately, the circle trotters scared off the trail rider with their superior knowledge on the subject and she's licking her wounds back on the trails where her little mustang, I'm sure, is happy as can be.

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Callie said...

Aaahhh, didn't mean to force the commentary, but I find it amusing. Exactly why there are certain places I don't visit that often or at all. It's not neccessary to be mean like they obviously were and I'm glad you put them in their place. Personally, I'm always open to learn and know just about everyone out there knows more about anything regarding horses than I do, which is why I read others' horse blogs along with other material. I know my horses and well, but I don't know others and they're all different. Thanks for puttin' it out there and I'm sorry.

Tracey said...

Oh, no need to be sorry, Callie. I found the whole thing rather amusing, to be honest. I loved showing WP, but hate the 'circle trotter' mentality, as I like to call it. Pretty, spoiled princesses who can't see beyond the rail.

Mrs Mom said...

LOL Tracey- you are something there woman! ;)

"Circle trotters".. lmao... oh how I love that one! I too enjoyed showing, but like you, that MENTALity made me sick-- so I now just kinda "hang out" with horses... ;)

Least I can fix the horses when they get screwed up by a giant circle jer... errr-- what I MEANT was---

Yeah... maybe I best quit while I is ahead huh? ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, I liked showing WP also. Alot actually buy my horses did anything else that I wanted them to do. We trail rode, haltered, trail classes too. I don't like bitless either but not for the reasons of hurting the horse. I will use a bosal but do not like mechanical hackamores. Have seen much damage. Lea

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh, god, this made me laugh! I don't do the forum thing because of the mentality I've seen there. I just can't stand that "holier than though" attitude that seems to be so prevelant. Why does it not surprise me our blogging princess (is that what you called her?) is entrenched in one of those. I'm glad you were able to kick their pretentious you know what b*tts. Whatever happened to live and let live or like you said, playing nice in the sandbox.
Although I did read it catbox the first time and it still amuses me. Maybe because I think that's where they are really playing. LOL who knows........

Tracey said...

Yeah...the cat box! LOL!

Jamie said...

To each their own. They shouldn't be putting another person's view's on a subject down and taking the "holier than thou art" road on the subject. I've always been a big fan of try a couple different ways of doing something and then find the way that works best and stick with that. People shouldn't "judge" another rider cause they prefer their way over somebody elses way. JMHO

How's the trip going Tracey?

Anonymous said...

That was a hilarious post. Well done. I could picture it like a movie.

As for the puzzle...please don't do that again. LOL! It far too addictive and I don't have time - or willpower apparently.

Jenna said...
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Kathy M said...

LOL Show people can be so stuffy sometimes!

There were at least 3 Makeover horses in bosals last fall and one of them made it to the finals.

Tacey they don't want to give up their big silver bits because then their horse might be tempted/able to lift his nose higher then 4 inches of the ground. LOL

We went to the NWHA show in Vegas last year and had an incredibly good time. They had In Hand classes for everything, and they were open to horses of all ages not just the under twos, so that those of us who do not want to create crippled 8 year olds could play as well.

The show is only open to wild horses, and burros who are from BLM, FWS, and Rez their range bred offspring.