Saturday, November 3, 2007

Remember, You Saw it Here First!

I've posted before about my friend, Curt, and his bull. He trains cutting horses here in WA state and for as long as I've known him he's been using this wonderful creature known as Hdra Bull.

The Hydra Bull keeps your horse on a fresh cow all the time. Cattle, like any animal, can get sour when over used. The cost of feed is sky rocketing out of control. Hydra Bull eats very little in comparison. And he's light on his toes. Er...wheels.

Seems Curt and his good friend Bob (who's daughter I used to ride with way back in the day...although she was a little girl) have joined forces and are now producing ol' HB for use by other trainers. They've even setting up clinics! I want to ride in a clinic...but I'm broke. Not to mention my horse isn't trained. Do you think Curt would mind my untrained horse coming to a clinic? Yeah...he may.

I think I'm going to send Curt some photos I've taken of HB and maybe he can use them on his website.

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