Monday, November 26, 2007


Does it need a frame like the one below?

To pass the time these past couple days I've been playing a lot with Photoshop and some pics that I took while in Burns. There's a lot I really don't know how to do, but just sitting and working on it layer by layer helps. Biggest problem is I forget how many copies I have, some with merged layers, some without, some I save as jpg and others I forget...before long I've got a dozen of the same photo saved and when I go to find it in the files, I can't figure out which one is the right one for the job!

Curiosity killed the cat, which is why this foal is rather cautious.

Mares at dusk

"The Old Man"
Beatty's Butte Stallion


jtjedi said...

Hey! That's my boy! I would recognize that mane and snip anywhere!

He's NOT old! LOL

Tracey said...

No, he's not old, lol! But it just sorta fit. What did you name him? I forgot to tell Darling that you adopted him. How's he coming along?

jtjedi said...

No name yet. Still working on that.

He's doing good. He's pretty light, so I am leavig him be and allowing him to get brave. He's at least holding his ground when I clean his paddock, as opposed to crashing around. I have taught him to turn and face. That's about it.

On the other hand, my new incentive horse is halter broke and working on leading exercizes. :) He's a pretty kewl little horse.

Tracey said...

Jamie, I'm wondering if I spoke with you at the adoption? Someone (blond) was asking me about your boy and I saw her later in the office with Ramona. Is your hair longer these days than in the photo (not that I can see much in that little icon!)

Molly said...

Wonderful pictures.
Photoshop is a wonderful product. And so much fun to work with.
Good job.

Rising Rainbow said...

Nice pics, I don't have a clue about photoshop or any other photo software. Looks like you can do some nice things.