Thursday, November 1, 2007

Got Kigers?

Going to Kiger Fest? Looks like Darling and I will be! We'll hit the road as soon as she's out of school on Thursday of next week. Being as it's a very long drive, and we're getting a late start, we'll have to spend the night somewhere along the way. I'm considering the Portland area, but not sure yet. May try traveling to the east a bit.

I've been working on getting products ready, such as the image above. That's Riddler, a Kiger Mustang that lives at the Wild Horse Corrals. I'm putting him on some T-shirts. I've got his image on bumper stickers, mugs and more on my Cafe Press website as well as a few other Kiger images. They'll only be up for the month of November, so if you're thinking you'd like something Kiger keep that in mind.

My goal while there is to "Fill the Barn" by selling enough products to purchase a couple hundred bales of hay. I'm setting up a raffle and will be raffling off six felted horses, all modeled after one of the Kigers that will be there for adoption. Karen Noland, who's husband Ted was in the Extreme Mustang Makeover, will be donating a copy of her book, Providence, as well.

Naturally, I plan on having my camera and laptop along with me so as not to deprive you of photos of the event while it's happening!

I'm also taking a few more orders for felted horses. If you want one by Christmas let me know. $25 each, s/h $5 for up to five ornaments. Do I sound like a major blogging infomercial these days, or what? this, buy that, visit this site and that...LOL! Well, so be it, at least for today.

For anyone wondering how they can help the horses in San Diego, Kate from High Sierra Wild Horse Sanctuary has provided a link. Just click on the donations page. They're trying to get hay delivered for anyone with horses in need.

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Andrea said...

Hey, I recognize that spotted horse!

Wish I could be there for the raffle. And the adoption of course. You're going to have so much fun!