Thursday, November 8, 2007

On the Road Again

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Darling and I are headed out in a couple of hours. Not sure how far we'll get or if we'll even get a connection tonight, but I'm bringing the laptop and camera (of course!) and should be able to give you up to date coverage of the Kiger adoption this weekend.

The adoption is being held on Saturday, with loading of horses Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Darling and I will have our little booth there and hopefully sell enough to make the trip worthwhile. Or should I say, make me being stuck inside the vendor area rather than out looking at the horses worthwhile! Of course, we'll still get plenty of photos for y'all to drool over.

I'd better run outside and feed my own girls, then I've got to finish packing and run pick Darling up (she's only taking two classes so we can get an earlier start!)

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