Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Daily Grind

And so the daily grind begins.

I'm upset with myself for trying that short little rake. Not long enough to be effective. In the video it looks like I'm chasing her with it, but it was positioned there at her hip for the most part and even sat on her a couple of times. I can see how the bamboo pole would work, but for me the lariat will suffice. It takes a bit longer, but has the same effect.

Yesterday I was able to rub the coiled end of my rope on Firecracker's nose. She's reached out to touch me and yesterday she ate out of my hands while I held the hay. After just a few days she's already working out the fear issues that have plagued Sunny all along. If we could just get some dry days, I'd be able to spend a bit more time with her and she'd likely come along quite fast.

Speaking of Sunny, someone came to see her this weekend. She put on her frightened little horse show for them and they weren't scared away. They're big into Parelli, and while I'm not a fan I know that they'll have the skills needed to work with her at this stage of her training. After spending a few minutes with her, Sunny began to relax and do what the woman asked as far as giving to pressure, leading and even trotting for her (we've done that a few times but I didn't expect she'd trot for a stranger.)

That was Saturday; the woman left saying she was in love but that it was something they needed to discuss as a family. I didn't hear back on Sunday and was disappointed. But yesterday she called and said they just needed to work out a few details, but that they wanted her.

I feel very good about this match. The woman was soft and sensitive to Sunny's fears, but also didn't back away from her when Sunny refused to do something. She seemed to know just when to stop asking and recognized when the eyes went soft and willing. They've already got 2 mustangs, but haven't ever had one this green before. Sunny's the perfect step for them as she's always wanted one that's wild; with Sunny she'll have the opportunity to work on developing trust and a bond without having to mess with the 'how to touch a wild horse' or the added fencing requirements. She also uses Cheryle as a farrier, and Cheryle gave her a good reference. That gives me a peace, because I've been so concerned about finding the right home for this girl. She'll always hold a special place in my heart.


Andrea said...

I am so excited that you found a good home for Sunny! And it sounds like Firecracker is coming right along. I hate the wet weather too, haven't done much at all with the horses.

Kathy C said...

It sounds like a good match for Sunny. Congratulations. I'll be watching to see the progress on Firecracker.

nikki said...

I love your website and check it out daily lol. I was reading your comments about the rake and the larriet and thought I would make a suggestion. I have two mustangs of my own who were untouchable when I brought them home. We ended up doing the bamboo pole method but we used a white 10 ft PVC Pipe and we took some old socks and duct taped them to the end of the pole. We would put a horse in a smaller area (round pen) and try to rub them with it. The pole is long enough that you can let it sit with them while they run and then when they stop they realize it didn't eat them. We did a lot of rubbing at the withers and inched up the pole until we were able to rub on them. It worked great for me and was a cheap easy to find device! Good luck with everything! :)

Tracey said...

Nikki, I think the pvc pipe is an excellent sub for the bamboo. That idea had actually crossed my mind, and at some point I'll probably go get one.

Andrea...lol...you hate that objectionable white stuff???

Kathy, thanks! I'm hoping and praying that it works out for Sunny. One of the reasons I'm not waiting until I have her titled is because if she doesn't work for the next person who ends up with her, at least I know she's still in the system and I can bring her back :)

Lulu said...

Sunny found a new home? Are you going to require that she comes back to you, if the new owners find they can't deal with her?

I will sure miss hearing about her progress!

Tracey said...

Lulu, the new home (if she goes) isn't too far from here; just a few minutes away. We share the same farrier and, the best part, is that she's still under BLM restrictions as far as they are unable to sell her (legally, at least) but must turn her back in if they decide she's too much for them in the first year. I don't think that's going to happen, but if it does, then yes, she'll be coming back here.